Fallen Fruit Map

Fallen Fruit Map

The folks at Fallen Fruit want us to know that you don’t always have to pay for your produce. There is a bevy of edible goodies just waiting to be harvested right here in Echo Park. So here is the deal: fruit from trees that are on public land or on branches that hang over public spaces are fair game! Home owners generally seem pretty happy to share as one tree can produce way too much fruit for one home. This way you eat fruit that may have otherwise have gone bad and save yourself a little coin. After all, times are tough. You have to make that lemonade with something.

Here is what their website says about the project:

“Public Fruit” is the concept behind the Fallen Fruit, an activist art project which started as a mapping of all the public fruit in our neighborhood. We ask all of you to contribute your maps so they expand to cover the United States and then the world. We encourage everyone to harvest, plant and sample public fruit, which is what we call all fruit on or overhanging public spaces such as sidewalks, streets or parking lots.

We believe fruit is a resource that should be commonly shared, like shells from the beach or mushrooms from the forest. Fallen Fruit has moved from mapping to planning fruit parks in under-utilized areas. Our goal is to get people thinking about the life and vitality of our neighborhoods and to consider how we can change the dynamic of our cities and common values.

-Fallen Fruit is David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young

Visit Fallen Fruit for more info and fruit maps.


We have also created an interactive fruit map based on the above image, click here to view!

This letter was posted on the Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council Forum after residents started complaining about the late-night noise.

Sincere apologies from us at UNDER THE BRIDGE.

We are saddened to read your complaints and misconceptions regarding our space and our intentions, and would like to extend apologies to all of you disturbed by our two recent events, as well as explain a bit about who we are and what our plans are for 1166 Glendale Blvd.

We are local Echo Park residents with a great love for our neighborhood, and have been dreaming of opening an organic vegetarian, vegan, and raw cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three months ago, while in the investment-hunting stage of the process, we found our ideal location, and decided to secure the space while we continued our search for funding.

As the months have progressed, we have yet to find the partner prepared to help us realize our vision, so we decided to host an event to spread awareness of our plans. We intended to show potential investors the charm of the area, the positive vibe our friends create, and of course never meant to disrupt our community.

Our first event, held on June 6th, was a joint effort with our friendly neighboring businesses, and proved to be an incredibly positive experience for us and all who attended. We offered catering from one of our talented chefs, art by one of our dear friends, and an acoustic performance by a famed musician, followed by dj’ed music. Had we known the noise was disruptive or had we been aware of a single complaint, the second celebration would have been handled very differently. Contrary to comments I have read here, this was our first ever event, and no police came by.

The second such event, held this past Saturday June 26th, was equally as exciting for us, as we drew a crowd of supporting future customers, as well as several interested financiers. Hearing the sound issues raised here regarding this past weekend evoke sincere regret, and again, we offer our apologies.

We are an extremely family-oriented and tightly-knit group of friends eager to share ourselves and our food with you, and our only goal is to begin construction on our cafe as soon as possible. We hope you will soon be able to see UNDER THE BRIDGE CAFE as a valuable addition to the area, and that you will be a fan of our delicious and healthy menu.

Please be aware that we do not wish late night parties to be a part of our identity, and do hope that upon reading this, you are able to understand our intentions and potentially be excited about our future.

Our plans to host a third event are contingent upon securing the funds necessary to begin construction, but we do plan to host a daytime art show and music gathering coinciding with the Lotus Festival. Be assured however, that now aware of the sound-traveling problem, we will no longer go past 2am, will make every effort to keep the volume at a lower level, and keep our guests confined to our walls as much as possible.

Please feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, or advice, and know that we truly look forward to serving you, and to becoming a positive influence on our beloved neighborhood.

Personally, if it’s true that the music went on until 3 or 4am, there is reason for complaint. Otherwise, hopefully Under the Bridge Cafe owners will pull the plug at a decent hour and continue their fund raising efforts when appropriate. Apart from that, they do deserve a chance (sounds like it was a fun party after all!) and I will likely support them once they are set up with the restaurant.

The Echo Elysian Park Neighborhood Councils Forum posted this message from a Dodger Stadium representative:

Dear Neighbor:
Please note that at the conclusion of tomorrow evening’s game against the Colorado Rockies, there will be an approximate 15-20 minute fireworks show that will take place. As always, the safety of those attending the event, our neighbors, the surrounding community and the firefighters themselves is of paramount concern to us. Therefore, as is our policy, should the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) request that we cancel the fireworks due to weather concerns, or any other concern for that matter, we will happily comply. Decisions on this will be made right up until the time of the show. Finally, LAFD personnel (including a water truck as is required by the fire safety code) and Stadium management will be on site to manage the event. Additionally, as has been our standing offer this season, if you are a resident of Solano Canyon or Echo/Elysian Park and are interested in attending the game as our guest, please contact me at noelp@… with your interest, the name the tickets should be left under and your address and telephone number. Note that tickets will be ready for pick-up starting at 5:10P at our Club-Level Will-Call (located adjacent to the office entrance in parking lot D). Additionally, your request must be received by 7P today. Please understand that these tickets are on a first-come, first served basis. Should you have any concerns relative to these events, please call our Neighborhood Focus Line at (323) 224-2636.

Thank you,
Noel E. Pallais
Los Angeles Dodgers


This was our first time at the Dwell on Design exhibit at the LA Convention Center, and it was really an amazing experience. From architects to furniture companies and all-around eco-friendly companies, the displays were beautiful and elaborate. As a graphic designer, I was incredibly inspired by the products displayed.

Check out our Flickr photos to see some of
my favorite things!

Tavin Launch

Perhaps we’ll see you there?

Where: Tavin Boutique
1453 Echo Park Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90026
When: July 11th, 2009, 5pm – 11:45pm

LAPD Helicopter
Ever wonder why that LAPD Helicopter is flying over your house or neighborhood? Checking that your doors and windows are locked in case there’s a car chase or fugitive out there? LAist posted a few months ago this article siting a phone number you can call to ensure there’s no danger lurking outside.

That number is 213-485-2600. Feel free to call when you have concerns, I have yet to get anyone to answer the phone but let us know if you have better luck!

Hearing the helicopters flying low over our house now for a couple of hours, we decided to check out what was going on at Elysian Park. The police at Academy (near Morton) told us it was the LA Low Riders motorcycle club, and they making sure the motorcycles weren’t migrating toward Echo Park Blvd. This is the first year I’ve noticed the yearly picnic taking place here, but I certainly did notice that parking is tight on Scott Avenue and surrounding streets.

EchoParkTV has posted a video covering the event, check it out here

LA Eastsider blog has pointed out in a blog post yesterday that the bikers had no permit at Elysian Park. This is a concern, as at around 7:00 pm last night, the park was COMPLETELY trashed.

In addition to that, parking on Scott street was extremely difficult. The Dodgers didn’t seem to have a need for placing “Local Access Only” signs in addition to city parking enforcement on the street corners, despite the over 50,000 paid customers at last night’s game.