The soft opening of LA Pizza Company happened just today! We swung by earlier this evening for a couple of slices, chatted with owner Oscar Arce, and took our warm slices of pizzas over the Sunset Beer Company for a classic dinner of pizza and beer.

Pizza and beer is a natural combination, like wine and cheese, beets and carrots, coffee and sugar (okay, now I’m just reaching). But for crying out loud, it’s Echo Park – and we’ve needed beer and pizza for eons.

Enter: LA Pizza Company, next door to Sunset Beer Company. A match made in heaven – this unexpected love relationship has made beer and pizza now a regular thing for Echo Parkians. For a meager $10 we got four slices of pizza, two cheese and two pepperoni. Took it next door to Sunset Beer (where they even offered us napkins), and enjoyed a Craftsman beer with our pizza slices. Lunchtime at LA Pizza Company will get you two slices (cheese and pepperoni) and a soda.

It’s also important to mention they do have vegetarian and vegan pizza options, which they also offered at their previous Chinatown location. And we think these guys have a perfect mix of Echo Park hipster versus Echo Park old school. Check it out at 1498 W Sunset Boulevard, in the same shopping center as Beauty Box and Sunset Beer Company.


Image via LAist

Of all the Dodgers promotional nights, we have a feeling the Vin Scully Bobblehead night is going to be the one to get. LAist has the scoop on the just-released design for the famous announcer’s much-anticipated bobblehead. The give-away takes place on the Thursday evening, August 30 game versus the Diamondbacks.

Unfortunately for most of us, they are un-attainable unless you’ve got a 10 game Flex Plan. Smart move, Dodgers…

Two people were stabbed late-night last week (Wednesday, May 23, 2012) near the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street, in what may have been a hate crime. Blogger of “Your Friend, Savannah” said the two victims, one of which was stabbed in the hip and one in the stomach, were called “faggots” by the suspects just before the attack.

The Northeast Division of the LAPD released two videos on its You Tube account yesterday, showing the suspects stabbing the victims (via LAist):

The caption reads: “In this first video, the Suspect tells the Victims, “You guys are fucking faggots!” He walks away with his 2 associates, then runs back toward the Victims waiting for a bus and stabs Victim-1 in the abdomen. The LAPD is trying to identify the Suspect and his associates.”

The caption reads: “In this second video, the Suspect had just stabbed Victim-1 and is running south on Echo Park. He stops, takes a fighting stance, and as Victim-2 approaches, stabs Victim-2 in the midsection, striking the hip bone. Suspect flees on foot.”

If you can identify any of the suspects, you can submit your tips anonymously by calling 800-222-8477.

Photos by Charles Toots

Resident Charles Toots emailed over some photos and a description of a car accident that took place on Saturday night at around 1:30 am. According to The Eastsider LA, the driver, who was not intoxicated, was taken to the hospital for her injuries. And even though there were no signs of another vehicle at the scene, the driver kept asking, “Who hit me?”

Charles describes the scene as they approached:

The area was caution taped off and people were milling about. The car was on its side against the fence. The driver had already been taken off. The police and firemen were just standing around too, talking or doing paperwork.

We started to talk to the people and walk about, trying to reconstruct what happened.

People said that a woman had been driving and that she had not been seriously injured (the airbags had obviously been deployed). No one had suggested that any other car was involved but then we spoke to no actual witnesses. We could see no skidmarks anywhere but then, we didn’t go and hang out in the middle of the street to thoroughly check.

The trash bin that was knocked over was on the other side of the fence that was hit and traveled across the sidewalk and was stopped by a parked car (which seems to have only sustained a broken taillight and maybe a scratch in damage). One gas tank nozzle laid on the ground and the last 3 or 4 inches had been broken off, still barely attached to the rest. One of the red posts surrounding the tanks had paint missing and if you look at the back of the car, you can see that red paint. There was also a trail of fluid along the lane in front of those tanks and it when I stuck my finger in it, it seemed to be a gas/oil mix.

At the corner by the air hose and phone, the little concrete island was seriously cracked and broken. I strongly suspect that the oil pan of the car hit that since it would be about the only thing strong enough to win a battle against that concrete. That ripped the pan open – as well as causing other damage – and this was what caused the streak of fluids along the ground.

Basically, the car did not negotiate the turn at Morton, avoided hitting the stop sign in the middle of the street, hit the concrete island on the corner and got somewhat airborne, went through the gas station between the bus bench and the tanks, shearing a nozzle and hitting the post, continued until it hit the fence (pushing the bin on the other side across the sidewalk) which, being at an angle to the cars path, then deflected it onto its side where it finally came to rest.

Like Charles, we are wondering if the lack of street lines painted on Echo Park Avenue and that intersection had anything to do with the car wreck.

Photos by Charles Toots

The blogger of “Your Friend, Savannah” has a startling post today about two friends who were stabbed on the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street last night:

Two friends of ours were out last night and were on their way home. On MONTANA and ECHO PARK they were approached by a man (possibly 2?) who is described as a gang member. He began yelling at them and calling them “faggots” and saying really awful homophobic slurs. (Neither are gay, but are straight allies, are vocal for gay rights, and wear rainbow patches and buttons on occasion.)

They were both stabbed and all of their stuff was stolen.

My friend Brian is a bike rider in LA and his bike is BLACK, has a predominate RAINBOW STICKER down the side of a tube, and it has a BIG, FAT SEAT. His back pack is orange and his helmet is grey. (He is sometimes known as BRAINZ LA)

Brian was stabbed in his stomach, right above his belly button. He is alive and discharged, as this luckily didn’t hit anything vital. Our other friend (name withheld) was stabbed in his hip, so hard, it fractured his pelvis. He is still recovering in the hospital.

We’ve inquired for some more information, including the time of the incident. One of our Twitter friends heard a multitude of sirens last night at about 12:30 am, so we’re wondering if it’s related.

Stay safe out there!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the new pizza place since last year, and it looks like we will soon finally get our chance to try out LA Pizza Company. They moved from nearby Chinatown but will carry on with the same menu, which includes vegan options and even a pupusa-style pizza that we’ve heard is amazing. There’s also pizza by the slice, which we know will be a hit for those of us looking to bring something tasty over to Sunset Beer for a little pizza and beer combo.

The LA Pizza Company website says they’ll be closed from May 2 through May 22, so we think it could be any day now….

Intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Scott Avenue

It’s like déjà vu from last year’s Sunset Boulevard street paving project, in which the asphalt was laid down but it took about three weeks to get street lines painted. This time – it’s Echo Park Avenue.

The Bureau of Street Services paved the long strip of Echo Park Avenue a couple of weekends ago, and while there are markers placed in the center lanes and cross walks, it’s for the most part a free-for-all.

Residents complained on the Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council forum recently, mainly in regards to stop sign at Effie Street and Echo Park Avenue. Those residents have noticed more people blowing through the stop sign, probably because they can’t see the sign and there are no lines painted for the intersection.

Representatives from Council District 13 told me they are keeping an eye out. Director of Communications Julie Wong said:

The re-striping is typically done within 2-3 weeks of the completion of the resurfacing project, which means that it will likely be done in the next week or two.  Our office is monitoring the situation and will continue to push DOT to make sure it gets done in a timely manner.

In the meantime, drive slowly and carefully along Echo Park Avenue.


Guess what you’re doing on Saturday? It’s the annual Echo Park Art Walk!

Click here to download the map!

Maps will also be provided at participating vendor locations. And you’ll need one as this seems like it’s the biggest one yet – there are over 70 participating vendors and businesses up Echo Park Avenue, Glendale Boulevard and along Sunset Boulevard. Activities (apart from shopping and discounts) include Art Chalk, live bands, food trucks, art shows, live art, and more art! Be sure to mention “Echo Park Art Walk” to receive discounts at participating businesses.

After the jump – check out the list of the over 70 participating vendors (may or may not include some recent additions or updated events).

Read more

For the week of Monday, May 14 through Sunday, May 20

Monday Night Residency with Baron Von Luxxury, Hexohhexoh, Blondfire, DJ Peter Majors (Vacation Vinyl) @ Echo
Tremellow release party: Signals, Batwings Catwings, Stripper Pussy, Tremellow, Kid Infinity @ Pehrspace
Open Mic Night hosted by David & Jayson @ Tribal Café
Harriet, Chasing Kings, Pratley, Busy Living @ Bootleg Bar
Motown Mondays @ The Short Stop

Spirit Vine, Dead Dawn, Black Flamingo, Gothic Tropic @ Echo
IHEARTCOMIX, Media Contender, The Echo & Spin Present: Check Yo Ponytail 2 With Light Asylum, Tearist, Chelsea Wolfe, Violet Tremors @ Echoplex
Isabella Brent, Lou Jane, Jayson Landon Marcus, and Ugly, Ugly Words @ Lot 1 Cafe
Summer Darling, Silian Rail, Arms of Tripoli, Blonde Summer @ Bootleg Bar

Dub Club and Bluebeat Lounge present: 2-room musical blowout party @ Echo & Echoplex
The Heavy Guilt @ Origami Vinyl
Tic Tic Boom, Fartbarf, Y LUV @ Lot 1 Cafe
7th Ever Los Angeles Old Time Festival kickoff party: Daniel Hart, Hi Ho Silver, Oh and Paulene @ Echo Country Outpost
Wiklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame @ Taix Lounge
Open Mic Night hosted by Leo Margul @ Tribal Café
Yellow Alex and the Feelings, Gavin Turek, Maniac @ Bootleg Bar

Echo & Soul in the Park Presents: Ana Tijoux With DJ Ethos, 2mex, Los Rakas @ Echo
Beach Fossils with Catwalk @ Echoplex
7th Ever Los Angeles Old Time Festival: Thomas Angell & Mike Lewinski, Snake Oil Stranglers, Cliff Wagner & The Old #7 @ Echo Country Outpost
The Fallen Stars, Burning Jet Black (Whiskey Saints) @ Taix Lounge
Open Mic Night hosted by Avril & Christine @ Tribal Café
IHEARTCOMIX Presents: Hundred Waters, ESP, The Tenant, special birthday DJ set by Righteous Trash @ Bootleg Bar

Suckers, Vanaprasta, Young Man @ Echo
Dum Dum Girls, Tamaryn, Young Prisms, Sisu @ Echoplex
Norse Horse Release Party @ Origami Vinyl
NOT in the House, The Clutter Family @ Taix Lounge
L.A. Coyote @ Tribal Café
Chappo, Kitten, Red Circle Underground @ Bootleg Bar

Plug Research & ArtDon’tSleep Present: Lee Fields & The Expressions, Cody Chesnutt (Live Band), Naytronix + more @ Echoplex
Funky Sole: Voodoo funk Frank Gossman (all vinyl African funk set) @ Echo
Reel Art (benefit for Echo Park Film Center): DJ Salinger, Slam Dunk @ 1650 Gallery
Alexandra & The Starlight Band @ Origami Vinyl
Echo Park PDA Artwalk @ Echo Park
Easter Everywhere presents: Mike Corwin, Maston, Junghaus, Some Sh  @ Pehrspace
Sotto Says @ Taix Lounge
Very Be Careful, Mexico68 @ Bootleg Bar

Adam Shenkman Presents: The Breakfast Show @ Echo
Grand Ole Echo with Guest Curator Julie Richmond, open TBA, Bob Woodruff, Ben Vaughn’s Desert Classic @ Echo
Part Time Punks present: Rough Trade Records Nite @ Echo
Bright Beast @ Origami Vinyl
J-Logic, DJ Ala, Tommy Zones, Chuck Fry @ Los Globos
French Toast Comedy @ Taix Lounge
Super Soul Sunday @ The Short Stop
Nacional Records Artist: Monica Lionheart, El May, Daniel Ahearn & The Jones @ Bootleg Bar

Visit the venue websites for more information on the cost and times of shows. Feel free to add more events in the comment section. All events listed are subject to change at any time, and new events announced for the week after this posting may not be included. Visit our Weekly Events page for more neighborhood events, shows and specials.

Flickr photo by RexSteed

Our beloved restaurant The Park just recently launched Sushi Mondays as part of its weekly specials. The mouth-watering specials start at 5:30 pm, again on Mondays only, and are available in addition to their regular menu. It’s nice to have a little gourmet sushi option in Echo Park – we’ve never had a bad meal at The Park, and they do a spectacular job with the sushi options.

Tonight’s menu includes:

  1. Spicy tuna with cucumber and avocado $5
  2. Dragon roll with grilled eel, tempura shrimp, avocado and unagi glaze $5
  3. Smoked salmon and crab with cucumber $5
  4. Rainbow roll with crab inside, sliced tuna, salmon and avocado outside $5 (worth a try – not the best rainbow roll ever but good)
  5. Fried calamari roll with avocado, cucumber and unagi glaze $5
  6. Spicy cauliflower with cucumber and avocado $4 (cauliflower has a kick, highly recommended by EPN)
  7. Vegetarian California roll $4
  8. Tempura asparagus with avocado $4 (highly recommended by EPN)


Singer Meg Myers has taken on hipsters in Los Angeles in a recent music video for her song “Tennessee.” Armed with a toy gun, she takes to the streets of Silver Lake and Echo Park blasting all the hipsters. A transplant from Tennessee, the song lyrics say it all:

Oh my god
Is that a mustache tattoo on your finger?
I’ve never seen that before
Wait what
You wanna go to Little Joy on your vespa?
I don’t think so
God I miss Tennessee

You’ll recognize some Echo Park spots like the Brite Spot in the music video.

Leftover gun parts at La Fonderie in Echo Park hat were used for the 2011 Peace Angels Project award

The fourth annual Gun Buyback Program takes place today at six locations across Los Angeles. Held the day before Mother’s Day each year, the program promises “no questions asked” for turning in guns in exchange for a gift card. Assault weapons are credited $200 worth of Visa or Ralphs gift cards; shotguns, rifles and handguns receive $100.

In past years, local art studio La Fonderie in Echo Park has participated in the program (along with other at-risk youth programs), helping kids melt down the guns from the buy-back program into a sculpture for the 2011 Peace Angels Project award.

The nearest drop-off location in Echo Park is at the LAFD Training Academy located at 1700 Stadium Way. The drop-off is happening today until 3:00 pm. Click here for a list of other locations.

You wouldn’t know it from the outside, other than a vinyl banner and a couple of colorful but crudely-drawn signs on the windows, but Señor Fish’s new location in Echo Park had its soft opening today. It still smells like fresh sawdust inside, the walls are bare, and there is likely a bit of furniture yet to be moved in – but the kitchen is 100% ready!

We snuck in not too long before the 9:00 pm closing tonight and snagged a couple of Ensenada Fish Tacos with mayo spread and guacamole. At $3.50 a piece, it’s not your cheapest deal in town. But the tacos are so freaking delicious that it’s worth every penny!

A+ for crispiness, the tangy mayo, a smokey salsa, and super fresh cabbage and guacamole. We honestly left wishing we had ordered about 10 more!

Señor Fish is open at 8:30 am tomorrow morning for breakfast and close at 9:00 pm. Although Echo Park Patch reports they are not serving any alcohol, our server behind the counter confirmed our inquiry by pointing out a display of beer including Corona, Modelo and Negro Modelo. Perhaps some day they’ll get a full liquor license for some margaritas to go along with those delicious fish tacos!

Señor Fish is located at 1701 Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

A recently aired Honda EX-L ad, filmed in Echo Park last October, shows our main character “Tim” gallivanting around the neighborhood, and then pulling up to a nice, open spot in front of The Echo. As if!

A more realistic portrayal would show the characters taking up resident parking along Echo Park streets, and returning at 3 am shouting obnoxious things like, “I could have TOTALLY gotten her number!” Not that we have any experience with this kind of thing…

The Echo Park Craft Fair is just around the corner! Taking place both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, the event is put on by an Artist Collective including over 25 location artists including Beatrice Valenzuela, Kathryn Bently, Anne Costello Brown, Rachel Craven, jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker and artist Brit Browne.

Echo Park’s Juice Maids will be serving up their delicious cold-pressed juices alongside “blue corn quesodillas.”

Echo Park Craft Fair
May 12 & 13, 2012 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm
1461 Carroll Ave.
email for more info