Aaron Williams & Zach Taylor // Pretty Rad: New Collaborations
Closing Reception April 10 // 7pm (Valet parking available)

Pretty Rad is an eye candied Pop Art painting and cleverly industrial Textual sculpture collaboration between Aaron Williams and Zach Taylor.

The entire show is a result of total collaboration in which not one piece is a solo work, each one requiring up to 3-4 months of work to complete. The artists took turn adding to and/or taking away from the previous artist’s contribution, the last of which was finished as the show was being hung.

The duo, both MFA graduates from The Chicago Art Institute, shows the range of their formal technical skills, ability to break free from said abilities when needed as well as their strength as a creative team. The two have been friends and collaborators for almost 3 years. The gallery represents both artists.

After Pretty Rad’s closing reception, the show is headed to Art Chicago, The International Fair of Contemporary and Modern Art at The Merchandise Mart, April 30-May 3 2010.

The show also marks DIY’s move from their former space at 1218 Temple St to the new Sunset Blvd location, a space previously occupied by Bandit Gallery.

DIY Gallery 1549 Sunset Blvd, LA 90026 (213) 977-9602
Gallery Hours 12-6,  Tuesday – Saturday

*** Bloggers Note: We have expanded our Guest Blog week through Monday because we had some technical issues this weekend and these posts didn’t make it out in time. We apologize if the blog slows down for a couple of days while we work things out. Echo Park Now would like to thank the wonderful and talented Dale Dreiling for pitching in last week. Go see his work at Chango and at The Echo Country Outpost during the art walk!

Two Boots

Best Coast 1

Best Coast 2

Turbo Fruits

Black Iris, White Adidas

Echo Park, El Carnal (pt.2) Acrylic on 7.5″ x 10″ panel.

As seen from the parking lot south of Sunset, between Logan and Echo Park Ave.

Glendale Blvd (Los Corredores) acrylic on 14.5″ x 13.5″ panel. This is my most recent painting, the second I’ve done since 2010. Before my guest blogger spot is up (ends this Sunday), I plan to get one more painting completed. Enjoy!

Best Coast (Art Fag Recording, 2009) is a recent discovery for me and I love them. Luckily for me, and you as well, they will be playing Waved Out at the Echo and Echoplex this Saturday, March 27th.

Get this 7″ EP while it’s still in print. If you love thick distortion and heavy reverb, mixed with 1960’s pop sensibility song writing and a stoned-in-California vibe, this is for you.

Origami Vinyl is located at 1816 West Sunset Blvd, (213) 413-3030‎

The Echo is at 1822 Sunset Blvd, (213) 413-8200‎

I just happened to luck out by having my camera on hand while walking by the sign installers at work. Nice sign, can’t wait to see it lit up.

E.P.I.C. (Echo Park Independent Co – Op) is located at  1712 W. Sunset Blvd, (213) 483-0260

Does anyone think that this would make a better park than incomplete condo complex?

I stopped by El Prado last night to grab two rounds after work. I’ve been a long time fan of microbrews and Belgian-style ales and it’s such a treasure to have a bar so close to my house that serves these style of beers. I had the Allagash Tripple.

When I was there I noticed that the room was split, almost equally, into wine & beer drinkers. It’s just that type of place. Being a fan of mid-week bar time, this is a great night at El Prado. Tuesday night’s are also Record Club Night, which is hosted by Origami Vinyl. Details for the night can be found on Origami’s blogsite.

All and all, fun times.

El Prado is located at 1805 W. Sunset Boulevard, (213) 484-6079

As seen while walking up Douglas Street, with a view of the US Bank tower in the background.

One of my favorite new stores/spaces in Echo Park is one of my neighbors, The Echo Country Outpost. Aside from scheduling monthly art exhibitions and weekly/monthly music nights, they stock their store with new and vintage curiosities that speak to the appreciators of handmade quality and out-of-the-ordinary gift giving opportunities. The store is arranged with the care and attention to detail of a finely curated historical or natural history museum, and each piece has a unique story. On a recent visit, I inquired as to the stories behind a few pieces.

1) Employee Picks – Favorite Book/Publication:
The Satanists: Devil worship as chilling as Rosemary’s Baby.
Salty Sayings: He who goes with wolves will learn to howl.
Peyote: A compelling study of the sacramental use of the Native American hallucinogen.
The Legends and Myths of Hawaii – The Fables & Folklore of a Strange People: A book of Hawaiian mythology & legends. Written by Hawaiian King David Kalakaua.

Read more

As it is probably common knowledge in Echo Park that this vacant Pioneer Chicken location on Echo Park Avenue is becoming a Little Ceasars as we speak. I walk by this sign every day, and in some nerdy and random way, I will miss this sign if the new owners tear it down. To the future…

The Park Restaurant is a favorite of mine and I usually make it there at least once a week. Everything I’ve had is delicious and you can’t ask for better and/or friendlier service. Here’s a beautiful example of their Fried Egg Sandwich, yum. Pair it with a Hitachino White Ale and you’ll in wake up late and make the best of the rest of your weekend heaven.

My only comment/suggestion for The Park is this: Bring back the Country Fried Portabello! I had this for brunch last year, around August… WOW. It’s so good, you don’t have to be a vegan or veggie to appreciate it. But for those of you who are, it will take care of any cravings you have for this normally meaty style meal.

The Park Restaurant is located at 1400 Sunset Boulevard, (213) 482-9209‎

Sunday is family day at the Lake and it’s no different in the bird world. Being a night owl and working days, weekends are the only times I get the chance to stop by the Lake and take in all that’s going on. But what I’ve been hearing from those who have the determination to make it down there for early a.m. walks is that there are some sights to been seen… these are the hours that the birds run the lake.

This week we would like to welcome Dale Dreiling as Echo Park Now’s first guest blogger.  I couldn’t say it better myself so I shall quote from Dale’s website. Dale “is a visual artist whose life and work reflect the unique spirit of the coastal west. Raised in Ventura, California, he received a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. His work has been exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Portland, Seattle, Oakland & Nakano, Japan. He has designed & illustrated for Converse, Urban Outfitters, Upper Playground, LA Record, HIT+RUN, FunNotFame, Saiko Headwear, Bee House Records & the LA Beat Swap Meet.” Dale is also a resident of Echo Park so we have asked him to come on board this week to share some musings on the neighborhood. He has his own blog here where you can learn more about his art and his life. You can see some of Dale’s paintings at Chango coffee shop through April 4th. Chango is located at 1559 Echo Park Ave.