Perhaps you’re wondering why that helicopter has been circling your house for the past twenty minutes – we certainly are! Here are some websites and phone numbers you can use to find out what crimes have been reported in your area.

Call 213-485-2600 (LAPD Air Support Division) if you’d like to know about why that LAPD helicopter is flying overhead.

You can search the Los Angeles Police Department Crime Map by vicinity to your address, date and type of crime. It does not, however, show any crimes that have been reported in the last 48 hours.

The Echo Park Security Association is a volunteer-run organization that has hired Select Patrol (a private security company) to patrol members’ homes and neighborhoods. You have to pay for membership, but the benefits include security alerts and being able to call patroling officers on their cell phones.

And then there’s Felon Spy. The website has a searchable map that you can use to find convicted felons in your area. Not recommended for those who already have trouble sleeping.

And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, here are some emergency phone numbers:

Police (non-911): 877-275-5273

Police (spanish line): 213-928-8222

Rampart Police Division (for those living south of Sunset Blvd.): 213-484-3400 (Division Desk) and 213-847-1903 (Community Relations). The China Town Sub-Station number is 213-621-2344

Northeast Police Division (for those living north of Sunset Blvd.): 213-485-2563 and 213-485-2548 (Community Relations)

Fire Department (Fire Station 20): 911

Of course, it’s always helpful to have a list of emergency numbers stuck to the fridge. Every copy of EPIAn Ways (the Echo Park Improvement Association‘s newsletter) contains an extensive list of helpful phone numbers for Echo Park residents.

Non-Crime Related:
Abandoned Vehicles: 800-222-6366
Cars Parked in Yards: 888-524-2845
Fire Hazards: 310-412-5350
Hazardous Waste Disposal Information: 800-988-6942
Overflowing Dumpsters: 310-412-5350
Parkway Maintenance: 1-800-996-2489
Storm Drains: 213-485-5391
Trash and Bulky Item Pick Up: 800-773-2489
L. A. Fire Department Brush Clearance: 818-374-1111
Graffiti related, Central City Action Committee: 213-241-0908

Have bulky items, or see any on the sidewalk that need to be picked up? Call 311 or click here to fill out the super easy form online. It’s FREE!

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