Via email, Bradley of the Northeast Community Police Advisory Board (NOE CPAB) notified the community of several gang arrests that occurred this morning at around 4:00 am in the Glassell Park, Cypress Park, and Echo-Elysian Park communities and surrounding areas. The notification continues as follows:

“This morning at 0400, your Finest the Northeast Los Angeles Police Department participated in a coordinated effort to arrest and detain Gang Members and those harboring criminals in the Glassell Park, Cypress Park, and Echo-Elysian Park Communities including surrounding areas. Several arrest were made with controlled raids on properties that housed Gang Members with the LAPD seizing weapons, narcotics, and other gang paraphernalia though-out the Northeast/Central Areas. Any/all tools available to the LAPD coupled with the Gang Injunctions were employed to assist in the arrest of Gang Members and wanted criminals in our communities Unfortunately, Northeast CPAB Members have been given very little information to disseminate to concerned Residents in the affect areas.”

There will be a community meeting tonight held by Council Representatives, LAUSD, and the NOE LAPD at Washington-Irving Middle School (3010 Estara Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90065-2205) from 6pm-8pm to address any concerns. “The LAPD, City Attorney’s Office, and other local agencies that assisted in the coordinated efforts, will be able to provide you with updates and arrest numbers with commentary from Captain William Murphy and Brass on steps to take to help improve your Neighborhood,” the email details.

For more information about the meeting, you can contact Danny Roman via e-mail at

Click here to view the location of the meeting at Washington-Irving Middle School.

The LA Times also posted this story about the early morning arrests.