Dodgers raise ticket prices for low-end seats

According to a press release, the Dodgers are planning for an increase in price for 35% of the seats for single-game ticket starting March 6, 2010.

They’ll be increasing some low-end tickets $2-3 for Friday and Saturday games, making Top Deck tickets $15, left-field pavilion seats are up $5 to $18, and other various increases for the cheaper tickets (these numbers appear to be the price for advance purchase tickets – those purchased at the stadium are generally a couple of bucks more).

Additionally, the All-You-Can-Eat Right Field Pavilion price will decrease $5 per ticket (advance purchase), and rows X-Z on the field level between the bases will drop $20 per seat.

Parking at Dodger Stadium, currently at $15 per vehicle, will remain the same price (a good thing for us community members who live right by the stadium).

LA Observed also points out that the Yankees series coming up in June won’t be included as those tickets can only be purchased as part of a 14-, 21-, or 28-game mini plan, and cannot be purchased individually.