Workshop on the Business of Music

Hey Echo Park musicians! Need a little help with the business side of music? Bedrock Studios is hosting a workshop that can help you make sense of it all. The workshop is being presented by Josh Sanderson of Black Sand Music (a music placement agency).

Film and TV Licensing Workshop
What you need to know to get your music placed in Film & TV

Sunday, August 22nd

What will be covered:
DIY Pitching, Music Libraries, Placement Agencies & Publishers
The pros and cons of each, Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive, and negotiating a great deal
Writer, Publisher and Master Splits & Copyright Ownership
You’ve written, produced and recorded a song. Who deserves to own what?
Master & Sync and Deal Points
The “Two Sides” of music licensing, and making sense of all the paperwork
License Fees vs. Performance Royalties
How are they different and how much should I expect to get paid?

The cost:
Save on course fees by registering by Sunday, August 15
Single: $99 (Save $50.00)
2-for-1: $149 (Save $75.00 each)
Three: $195 (Save $84.00 each)
Four+: $59 each (Save $90.00 each)
After August 15th all tickets are $149 each. Purchase with pay pal prior to event.

Click here to sign up.

Bedrock Studios is located at 1623 Allesandro St.