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Abe Vigoda, Lovvers, and The Black Apples will be playing tonight The Echo at 8:30pm.

“Along with Women, Dirty Projectors and Wavves, Abe Vigoda is chipping away at our expectations of how a 21st century rock band should function.

Reviver doesn’t simply take the concepts laid down in Skeleton and give them a novel new twist. Instead, this is the sound of a completely different band, barely recognizable from the fumbling, itchy and trebly guitars that prickled through tracks like “Dead City/Waste Wilderness” from the preceding record. They’ve undergone a process of attrition, of paring down the Abe Vigoda sound until it represents something totally new. All the energy and ideas poured into their music have been un-learned and spewed out into a different musical space.” – Prefix Mag

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Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 day of show, and is 18 and over. Click here to purchase tickets.