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This adorable pup came up on the Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council forum today – he’s so cute his temporary name is Cutie, and we just had to share his story with the hopes he’ll find a permanent home. Here’s the story of how Cutie was found:

I rescued this sweet young boy last Monday night in Echo Park. He was emaciated, starving and scared. He’s been at the shelter and no one has come to claim him. I’ve been visiting him everyday so now he recognizes my voice. He’s young (1-2 years old), healthy, super affectionate and sweet, and a quick learner! The staff are taking good care of him, giving him extra food and being very gentle with him.

This poor boy needs a home! His only draw back is that he is not leashed trained. But, I’ve been working with him, and he’s getting the hang of it. He wants to please, he wants affection – he loves to snuggle, get hugs, and he gives the sweetest kisses.

I’m going out of the country this Friday and I’m terrified that this cutie will be killed while I’m away.

Cutie is currently at the North Central Animal Shelter located at 3201 Lacy Street.

For more information about Cutie, all you need to do is visit www.laanimalservices.com and click on “ADOPT.” Enter his animal ID number, A1264972.

Our featured pet today comes from the Echo Park Animal Alliance. This love-able Chihuahua is currently being fostered, but needs a permanent home!

Nicknamed Lucy, she is an 8-month-old, 6 lb. pup with reddish hair. Foster mom describes her as “a total cuddle bug with a very sweet personality. She is very happy and loves hanging out, going on walks or just cuddling.”

Email info@echoparkanimalalliance.org for more information on adopting Lucy or any of the other animals that need a permanent happy home.

Echo Parkian Amanda found a mother and her kittens in her yard a month ago, and since the only no-kill shelter only takes cats over one-year old, she is searching for a home for them.

“I think the black and white one is a male since he is bigger than the other one; he is very curious and really adorable. The other one is a multicolored kitty who seems like she would be happiest living her life on someones lap. It’s only a matter of time before they start breeding, so the clock is ticking!… They are cute to an insane degree and I wish I could keep them, but I have an elderly cat who despises all non-human creatures.

Please email EchoParkKitties@gmail.com if interested.

This cutey caught our eye on the Echo Park Animal Alliance Yahoo! group. His name is Patch, he’s 10 months old, and was surrendered by the owner to the North Central Animal Shelter because they had no time – unfortunately he’s been there since April 30, so he needs to get adopted or fostered ASAP.

His shelter ID number (which you can search here) is A1208851.

Patch is an unaltered male, white and yellow brindle German Shepherd Dog and American Staffordshire Terrier. Good with kids, needs some help socializing with other dogs, and isn’t aggressive “just barky.” There’s a video of him to show you just how cute he is!

Patch has been fostered! But he still needs a permanent home. Contact us if you’re interested in adopting and we’ll get you in touch with the right people.

Two large dogs on corner of Avon and Cerro Gordo

From Echo Park resident Sandy is concerned about some dogs running around in the area:

There are two large dogs that have been hanging around the corner of Avon and Cerro Gordo St. I saw one last night – large, brown, Akita/Shepherd-ish looking dog. Then this morning while I was out with my dogs, I saw the same dog but he had a buddy with him – very coyote looking – brown, large, tall but much thinner than the other one. This time they were coming down Cerro Gordo from Elysian Park headed towards Avon. Two things – don’t know their demeanor – they could be harmless, but they might not be – and it’s always better to be on the safe side and steer clear of loose dogs. 2nd – maybe they belong to some who is looking for them – so thought this would be a good local venue to get the word out about them.

Please email us if you know anything!

Hank the cat is lost

From Echo Park Now reader Alexandra:

…I am searching for my very large orange and white cat – lost Sunday [February 6, 2011] around the intersection of Avon and Baxter. His name is Hank and I would be very sad if he disappeared forever. Any info would be much appreciated if anyone has seen him.

Email Hank’s owner if you have any tips through the Craigslit posting by clicking here.

Foster or adopt a 7-month old pup

Posted recently on the Echo Park Animal Alliance forum is this sweet face:

Sweet little 7 month old Riley is in need of a new foster home this week. He is a lab/pit mix and both affectionate and playful.  He does well with cats and most dogs.  He sometimes struggles a bit with small, male dogs, especially if they have a “napoleon” complex.  He is about 40 pounds and a funny little character!

He is crate trained, fully housebroken, is doing well walking on a leash, loves people and especially LOVES kids.  If you have room in your household for a lovely 4 legged foster child, please let me know.  I will be taking him out to adoption events weekly and can provide food and flea medicine for him while you foster.

Riley has been fixed, vaccinated, microchipped.

Please email us if you are interested in fostering or adopting and we’ll get you in touch with the proper folks.

Read our last Echo Park Pets post by clicking here.

This ridiculously cute pup was saved from the animal shelter that was planning to euthanize her a couple of weeks ago. She made it to a foster home, but needs to find another foster or (preferably) a permanent home. Here are the details about this cutie pie:

She’s smart and very energetic. She has learned how to sit, stay, lay down, and release (which is great at feeding time.) She also knows how to fetch and ‘drop.’ She’s around a year old and needs to go out for lots of potties so having a big yard and another dog to play with is a plus. She loves long walks, runs and hiking at Runyan Canyon. We’d love to meet you to see if you’re a good fit for this sweet, affectionate puppy. Please contact Gina at 323-514-7282 or gkowerko@gmail.com.

Please help find him a home!

This adorable dog named Mijo almost had a sad ending at the animal shelter, but was saved by the Echo Park Animal Alliance. Thankfully the dog is now being fostered and is waiting for you to take him home!

I am sweet and lovable although a little rough around the edge since I am just a little over a year old and my training needs a little reinforcing to adapt to a new environment.

Please email info@echoparkanimalalliance.org to adopt this cutie.

These four male, 8 1/2 week old kittens are available for adoption! They are super adorable and are local in Echo Park. They are in the process of getting shots and will be neutered prior to adoption. Contact the Echo Park Animal Alliance at info@echoparkanimalalliance.com for an application or to foster.

Learn more about the Echo Park Animal Alliance (EPAA) on their website.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 20th! Give a Cat or Dog a much needed home and surprise Dad with a cuddly companion at the same time!

For the 90026 area code, the closest center is North Central, located at 3201 Lacy Street. For all others out there, go to www.laanimalservices.com to find a center near you!

Masa loves animals too! When you adopt, make sure you bring your paperwork to Masa and get 50% off your next visit!

Click here to download the above flyer to print out.