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Tomorrow (Sunday, June 5, 2011), Echo Park resident Katherine Gladwin will embark on a seven-day, 545 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The ride is in support of AIDS/LifeCycle, where participants raise money to help support the organization that provides HIV testing and treatment.

The timing for this event is perfect and purposeful: The start of the fund raising/informational tour on Sunday marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV/AIDs. Also, June is national LGBT month, and Los Angeles is kicking off the first ever LGBT Heritage month.

Katherine works at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center doing HIV testing and counseling, so it’s a very important cause for her. “I’ve been working in the field of HIV Prevention for over a year and I’ve been an avid cyclist for 7+ years now, so doing this ride is an awesome opportunity to raise life-saving money while doing something I love,” she says on her AIDS/LifeCycle profile page.

The ride ends in Santa Monica on June 11 for the closing ceremonies.

You can donate to our fellow Echo Park resident’s cause by clicking here. Also check out her fundraising video sent to us by director Car Nazzal. Notice all the great Echo Park shots!


Masa of Echo Park, along with other Los Angeles restaurants and businesses, is once again participating in Go Eat Go Drink Go Out, a one-day event that raises funds to provide direct and vital support to those impoverished and disabled by HIV/AIDS in our community.

On Thursday, February 25 all participating Los Angeles restaurants will donate a portion of their days’s receipts to Aid for AIDs and The Sierra Project.

Masa of Echo Park
Thursday, February 25th
11am to 11pm

All you have to do is stop by and have something to eat or drink, and Rhonda, Rob, Tom and Julie of Masa will take care of the rest!