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This Saturday June 16, 2012 there will be a clean up in Angelino Heights starting at the Old Fire Station 6, located at 534 E. Edgeware Rd., from 8:00 am- 1:00 pm.

Coffee, goodies and lunch provided by Councilman Ed Reyes of CD1.

There will also be bulky items pickup in the Angelino Heights neighborhood – put  your items out on the curb on Friday, and the trucks will pick them up on Saturday morning.

Meet your neighbors and CD1 reps, and help clean up Angelino Heights!

Click on the flyer for details


‘Tis the season! Pick up some holiday gifts crafted by local designers this weekend at the Angelino Heights Craft Fair. Looks like some pretty cute stuff!

The Craft Fair takes place on Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4, 2011 from 1-5:00 pm at 1461 Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights.

A post on the Angelino Heights Yahoo! forum today caught our attention, and you may have noticed the helicopter and police activity. Here’s why:

At the request of Ed of Select Patrol, I’m just sending out a quick set of details of the police activity that occurred on the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue starting around 3:10pm today. All of this information is relayed from Ed and one or two other neighbours who were around.

Around 3:10 this afternoon, a young woman was dropped off near the intersection of Bellevue and West Kensington. She approached another woman that was walking down the sidewalk and ripped a gold chain from this woman’s neck before either walking or running west in the direction of Edgeware. Ed witnessed the incident and followed the robber up Bellevue to Edgeware and onto Carroll with the victim of the attack in pursuit on foot.

When the suspected thief reached the corner of East Edgeware and Carroll, it seems she returned the necklace to the victim in an attempt to claim she had committed no crime. Ed was in touch with LAPD dispatch at this point and was relaying details of the incident and the location of the alleged thief. After some remarkably loud and histrionic behaviour (claims that the took the necklace because she was pregnant and needed the money for neonatal care, etc.) that seems to have been an attempt to get the victim and Ed to leave her alone, the suspect then approached 1320 Carroll while wailing aloud.

At this point in time, roughly 3:20pm, the police patrol cars were inbound and there was an LAPD helicopter circling. Within a few minutes, the patrol cars had arrived, the suspect was in handcuffs being questioned and the victim was returning to Carroll now that there was a police presence.

And that was pretty much the end of the drama.

One neighbour did claim that he saw a suspect vehicle parked near the intersection of Douglas and Carroll with only the driver in it and it may have been the vehicle that dropped off the alleged thief and was waiting to pick her up. Ed and at least one LAPD officer think this may be the pattern of a group of robbers. As always, you should keep a healthy eye out for cars that seem to be traveling too slowly for traffic or that seem to be passing pedestrians repeatedly. It is likely that the victim in this case was spotted from the car and may have been watched for a short time before she was mugged.

Just sending this out as a favor to Ed. I have related the events as they were conveyed to me as accurately as I can but I only witnessed the last few minutes of the incident. As a result, there are sure to be errors. My apologies in advance.

Stay safe out there!

An Angelino Heights resident was surprised to find a hole in his front yard where there once was a beautiful fountain. He posted this warning on the Angelino Hieghts neighborhood Yahoo! forum:

Last night [Saturday, February 19], between 7:30 and 11:00 pm our beautiful, antique fountain was violently ripped-out and looted from our front yard at 1411 Carroll Avenue.

It will be missed not only by us who have so much enjoyed watching the birds drinking and bathing and listening to the sound of running water but also by all the birds, dogs, children and adults who pass by and for whom it has given so much pleasure.

Please contact us if you saw or heard anything. Also, if anybody has a spare fountain lying around in their back yard please let us know.

We’ve read with concern the many recent posts about thievery in our neighborhood. Just so you all know, it’s getting worse.

I’ve had some pretty surprising stuff stolen from my yard (including a VERY heavy rock sculpture). It’s amazing someone will go to such lengths to steal your stuff!

This video holds a special place in our heart not just because it’s Halloween, and the video rocks, and the song rocks, and Michael Jackson rocks, but also because it’s got a little bit of Echo Park – well, Angelino Heights – in the video.

See if you can catch the spot, your cheat sheet after the jump:

Michael Jackson- Thriller from MQC on Vimeo

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This AMAZING historic home in Angelino Heights has been on my radar for at least a year now as a fun fixer-upper project. We noticed a little “for sale” sign a while back while I was showing off Carroll Avenue to some family, and I was curious to see how much we could buy this little bit of Angelino Heights paradise.

According to a Big Orange Landmarks website post last May, this seven bedroom, two bath, approximately 2,700 square foot house (as described by Zillow) is going for $1,750,000. We’re not sure what it’s up for now, the sales flyers were no longer there, but you can expect it’s going to be a high price for that crazy neighborhood (there are 51 Victorian residences and carriage houses in the area!).

Located at 1325 Carroll Avenue, the house is known as the Irey House, named after original owner and gardener Hiram B. Irey. It was built in 1887 but originally located at 1123 Court Street, and moved in 1978 as part of the Carroll Avenue Restoration Foundation’s efforts to restore Carroll Avenue.

Architecturally, the house is known as a nearly pure Eastlake style (that’s the Victorian style) like its neighboring houses but with a dash of “Stick” style – meaning it has those extra ornate features like gingerbread trim or other geometric patterns.

Of note is the angled bay window and “unusual asymmetrical arrangement of windows and roof line,” reads a description from a 1978 publication on Historic Angelino Heights. “Also of interest is the window that illuminates the interior stairwell on the second floor.”

The last I heard, the house was being repaired a while back by its current owner, but only foundational elements leaving the restoration of the aesthetic elements to the new buyers. So if you have a knack for Eastlake-Stick style restoration, drop by the house on Carroll Avenue and check it out for us!