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A new art studio space is opening in Echo Park, actually just around the corner from the new Mohawk Bend, is starting things off with a bang – tomorrow night, the new iam8bit Productions is hosting an art opening for fans of 1980s video game artwork. The group show is hosting over 100 artists “re-imagining” their 1980s era gaming fantasies via painting, sculpture, plush, and some interactive displays.

The super grand opening party starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm, music by DJ R-Rated along with Leeni and A_Rival. The show runs through September 10, 2011.

iam8bit took over the space a while back in November of 2010, spending their time renovating the 4,500 square foot space since then. In an email, owner Jon Gibson told us about the renovation: “We’ve been working rather stealthily, dramatically transforming what was a pretty dumpy space.”

And they are excited not just for the opening but also for the neighborhood: “We’re rather intent on bringing the local businesses in the neighborhood together, as one of the things we specialize in (and the reason we initially got the space) was for our marketing boutique and production company, in which we’ve become known for our community programs (i.e. engaging fans of brands).”

iam8bit is located at 2147 W. Sunset Boulevard

Looking forward to the show – see you all there!

This is a crazy video, don’t view while hung over – it will make you dizzy.

FYI that closing reception at the DIY Gallery in Echo Park is on Saturday, September 11. It’s been going on since August 14, click here to read our previous post about what it’s all about!

DIY Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 12:00pm-6:00pm and is located at 1549 West Sunset Boulevard

The DIY Gallery (which took over Bandit on Sunset Boulevard), is hosting a new show with an opening reception coming up on Saturday, August 14. The gallery will be presenting David Yow’s one-man exhibition of paintings, collage and digital drawings starting Saturday through September 11.

There’s been a lot of excitement revolving around this show. David Yow is not only a cool artist, he is the former frontman for Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, and Qui. The show at DIY Gallery in Echo Park is his first solo art exhibit and will be presenting (we’ve heard he will be there for the opening) his new collection of work along with a limited edition of posters for sale benefiting Eagles of Death Metal bassist Brian O’Connor, who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

According to the press release, the artwork in the show “are rooted in Yow’s personal and psychological history, and feature a broad spectrum of mediums. From acrylic, pencil, charcoal, crayon, hair, bugs, collage, and tar on wood, to line drawings digitally combined with photographic textures, Yow reveals an uncommon artistic perspective.”

In addition to the exhibit, the DIY back patio will host drinks and projections, along with musical performances to be determined.

Opening Reception: Saturday August 14, 2010 from 7:00 pm-11:00 pm.

The exhibition continues through September 11, with a special event TBA for closing night.

DIY Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 12:00pm-6:00pm and is located at 1549 West Sunset Boulevard