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…or very few of them, we mean. Instead, there are a few more long-haired, black band-tshirt-clad people (of the metal kind, as opposed to the hipster kind) in Echo Park than usual today – the Echo kicked off its metal fest, “The Power of the Riff,” today at both the Echo and the Echoplex. There was a long wait earlier, but things seem to be pretty much kept inside for the time being.

TwitPic photo via TheEchoLA

For the week of Monday, July 12 through Sunday, July 18.

Mississippi Man, Superhumanoids, Dahga Bloom, Useless Keys @ Echo
New Music Monday With Greg Mullen, Glacier Saint, Maraca Mouths, Air Surgeon @ Echo Curio
Hyena, Kid Infinity, Myths, Professor Calculus, Sean Pineda, DJ Mapi (KXLU) @ Pehrspace
Residency Night 2: The Black Apples, Wait. Think. Fast., Cue The Moon, Summer Darling @ Origami Vinyl

Smog Sessions With Mrk1, Juan Basshead, Emu, Kemst @ Echo
Big Tree, The Shade, C-horse, Birdlips @ Echo Curio
Open Mic night hosted by Josh Bassett at 7:30 pm @ Tribal Café
Superhumanoids @ Origami Vinyl

Dub Club With Echodelic Soundsystem, Jah Faith, DJ Danny Holloway, DJ Expo, J1 @ Echoplex & Echo
Basshaters, Mirage (Featuring Members Of Smegma + Sissy Spacek), Damion Romero, Indian Mound @ Echo Curio
i can be cheery and LA Record 100 Present: Lola Loshkey, VOICEsVOICEs, Halloween Swim Team, Corridor, DJ Jung Hollywood @ Pehrspace
The Breeding Ground Open Mic (every Wednesday) hosted by Joe Mullenix at 7:00 pm @ Tribal Café

Threadless West Coast Social With Special Guest DJ Greg Dulli (Of The Twilight Singers), Teen Inc, The Samps @ Echo
Antibalas, The Sway Machinery @ Echoplex
The Gripping Play Ulysses Crewmen, Performance By Peter J Woods, Moment Trigger, True Womanhood @ Echo Curio
Open Mic night hosted by Jackie at 7:30 pm @ Tribal Café
Foxtails Brigade @ Origami Vinyl

Club Underground With Secret History, Sweater Girls, Waterlaso @ Echo
Trannyshack La @ Echoplex
Kacey Johansing, Honeycomb, Nightmare And The Cat, Kandyce And The Killdozer @ Echo Curio
Otik Records Presents Shirley Rolls Video Release: Shirley Rolls, C-Horse, Brown Irish, Mountain Animal Hospital @ Pehrspace
G.T.Y.E Presents America Eats its Young, Michelle Macedo and Co. @ Tribal Café

Bootie La With Dj Shyboy, DJ Paul V., Raid @ Echoplex
Funky Sole @ Echo
Heather Woodbury’s “As The Globe Warms” followed By Simon Joyner, Queen Victoria, Claire Cronin @ Echo Curio
Oh Yeah, The Future, Therapy Session, Tubby Boots @ Pehrspace
Mystery Claws @ Origami Vinyl
Indie Rock Night featuring alternative country band, Oak Street Blues and more TBA @ Tribal Café

Part Time Punks: Factory Records Night With DJ Tim Burgess (of the Charlatans) @ Echo
Echo Obscura @ Echo Curio
Diggin’ Sunday is Back, Failings Exposed (music event to raise money for lupus) @ Tribal Café

For more information on weekly musical events like club nights, see our community resource pages.Visit the venue website for more information on the cost and times of shows. Venue information can be found in our community resource pages.

This list may not represent all the musical events happening in Echo Park this week – feel free to add more events in the comment section. All events listed are subject to change at any time. New events announced for the week after this posting may not be included.

Here is the schedule for this Saturday’s Waved Out Festival happening at the Echo, the Echoplex and Origami Vinyl. There will be food trucks, ice cream, t-shirts and more.

*Schedule subject to change

Doors are at 3pm.

$12. Purchase tickets here.

The Echo Schedule:

3:30  TO 4:00 – APES OF WRATH



5:50 TO 6:30  –  THE PO PO

6:45 TO 7:25 – GAMBLE HOUSE

7:50  TO 8:30  – DIRT DRESS

The Echoplex Schedule:

3:45 TO 4:15  –  GIANT CLOUD


5:15 TO 5:50 –  ACTIVE CHILD

6:05 TO 6:40 – MOON DUO


7:50 TO 8:30 – BEST COAST

8:45 TO 9:20 – TURBO FRUITS

9:35 TO 10:25 – SURFER BLOOD

10:40 TO 11:10 – THE SANDWITCHES


Origami Schedule:

1PM Jaques Barabon

1:45 pm Young Prisms

2:45pm Dazzleships

3:30 pm Pepper Rabbit

4:30 pm We Barbarians ( Not confirmed)