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The Park’s Finest has been in Echo Park for some time now, but as a mobile catering company. Owner Johneric Concordio grew up here, BBQing his way through the more turbulent times of Echo Park in the ’80s and ’90s. Now, the BBQ (with a Filipino twist) company is looking to establish itself in a physical location in what was formerly “The Far East” Japanese restaurant at 1267 West Temple Street.

Johneric has already started to demo (that space SOOO needs some love), but they’ve got a long way to go before opening hopefully in November. And they are looking toward the community to help them with the project – through a website called Indie GoGo, they are hoping to raise money for the kitchen remodel and equipment, furniture, city fees, signage and more. And to encourage you to donate, they offer a few perks from t-shirts to BBQ sauce and more for every extra bit you donate.

He’s hoping it will be more than a restaurant. According to the Pleasure Palate blog, “Johneric wants this restaurant to be a center for community, culture, art and of course, for fabulous food. By the way, when it comes to the food, it may be more than just BBQ, Johneric has talked about introducing more rustic Filipino dishes that aren’t normally found in stateside Filipino restaurants and believe me, that has definitely piqued my interest.”

Why should you donate? Their Indie GoGo page explains:

…The Park’s Finest, a mobile catering company based in Echo Park, has brought a distinct flavor to the LA food scene with our Filipino take on traditional American cuts of BBQ. We have blessed backyard boogies and community events all over the Southland, and have steadily gained popularity. To meet the rise in demand, as a community-oriented company, we aim to reinvigorate the blighted district of Historic Filipinotown in Echo Park. Our community fundraising campaign will build capital for a restaurant that offers a fulfilling dining experience, for families and friends to enjoy savory BBQ in an atmosphere where musicians and artists can showcase works that reflect and celebrate the intersections of the dynamic cultures and histories bridged by this vibrant area of LA.

We certainly wouldn’t mind some tasty BBQ action in the neighborhood, so we wish The Park’s Finest the best of luck!

Click here to donate to The Parks Finest, and check out the video below:

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The Echo
Sunday, April 11th
5pm – 9pm
All ages

BBQ for sale

I See Hawks in LA

“Southern California is a land of strange, dangerous and beautiful contrasts. A mountain lion prowls outside the tract home bedroom of a teenage girl while she talks, oblivious to its existence, on her cell phone. A rattlesnake slithers across an empty shopping mall parking lot on a hot summer night while the employees count up the days profit and turn out the lights. While paparazzi chase the latest talent free celebrity, a talented, literate bunch of soulful musicians create honest and wise roots music for the ages. I See Hawks are indeed one of California’s unique treasures.” – Dave Alvin


Wheelhouse is Brian Whelan calling in every favor in his back pocket. A solo debut ten years in the making, Whelan has combined LA’s rich Americana history with the younger, snottier indie-rock of the city’s present day. As a member of the Broken West, Whelan explored the new(ish) frontiers of the independent music world, and while backing up Mike Stinson, Randy Weeks and Tony Gilkyson learned the ancient art of honky-tonking. Whelan loves the rock ‘n’ roll of Buddy Holly the way most of us love our mothers – don’t miss the chance to catch him live and in person. Band features Broken West leader Ross Flournoy and former Everest members Rob Douglas and Derrek Brown. The Grand Ole Echo

Mars Arizona

No, you can’t get there from here. You can stare at the map all you want and you won’t find it. Mars Arizona has a population of two, and is best apprehended with the ears.High Desert is the fourth album from Mars Arizona, the name Nicole Storto and Paul Knowles use when they’re fashioning their brew of country, rock, and roll. As a matter of practice they’re joined by some talented helpers including drummers Billy Block (Frank Black) and Ken Coomer (Uncle Tupelo and Wilco), fiddler Ollie O’Shea (Hank Williams III) and lap steel guitarist Paul Laques (I See Hawks In L.A.), and a host of others. – The Grand Ole Echo

This will be a weekly event with a changing line up! Here is a sneak peak at weeks to come.

April 18: Tony Gilkyson, Dime Box Band, Casey Neill & The Norway Rats!

April 25th: Headliner TBA, Wire Pony, The 1921A

May 2nd: Old Californio, Paul Chesne Band, The Believers

May 9th: Dave Gleason & the Golden Cadillacs, (Mid TBA), The Coals (formerly US Mail)

May 16th: Headline TBA, 50 Cent Haircut, William Lee & the Modern Primitives

May 23rd: Groovy Rednecks, The Cheatin’ Kind, open TBA

May 30th: Dead Rock West, David Serby & Ed Tree, Vicki Hill