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Flickr photo via Zeus Of HollYWOoD

The Echo Park Ornithology Club used to meet every other Sunday at Echo Park Lake to, well, watch the birds! It seems that it has been a while since those Sunday meetings have occurred, possibly because of the swap meet that used to take place every Sunday. It should now be a welcoming place for bird watchers on the weekends since the swap meet was shut down a couple of weeks ago. The Facebook events page reads, “The cops kicked all the vendors out of the park, so it’s time to watch some birds again! GO BIRDS!”

If you’re interested in joining the Ornithology Club,

Some info about the Club:

The Echo Park Ornithology Club is a small group of naturalists, bird-loving hipsters gone wild, animal friends, cute scientists, radical artists, and nerdy city punks. We organize nature hikes, bird watching parties, science lectures, natural history field trips, community outreach and conservation activities, etc. Come out and join us, dude!

We meet roughly every other Sunday afternoon at Echo Park Lake. Join the mailing list or watch Facebook and MySpace for event announcements. Propose an event of your own!

Email them at echoparkornithology@yahoo.com for more info, or visit the group’s Facebook page.