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Instagram photo via applesauce9mm

Echo Parkians who crave the late-night diner food at The Brite Spot are out of luck for a couple of more days – filming continues on Stand Up Guys, a comedy starting Christopher Walken and Al Pacino. The Daily Mail describes the film as a comedy where “the legendary duo have come together to play ageing criminals on one last nefarious bender, with the tasty twist that one has been hired to kill the other.”

Al Pacino and Christopher Walken sitings in Echo Park have been hitting Twitter, and we have to admit wanting to catch glimpse of the super stars ourselves. As our Twitter follower Marc Vieira tells us of catching Al Pacino, “Definitely my celebrity sighting highlight.”

The Brite Spot will reopen on Thursday, April 19 at 7:00 am.

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