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Flickr photo via Stuart Fingerhut

The Eastsider LA reported today that there will be a forum at Fix Coffee on Wednesday, April 27 at 7:00 pm to discuss the coffee shop’s impending application for a beer and wine license.

While they claim to hold over 2,000 signatures in support of the business’ license, there are a handful of opponents – some of whom are not only long-time community members but also direct neighbors.

Some of the issues are obvious: It’s a quiet neighborhood, directly across from an elementary school, and they are also asking for extended hours until 11:00 pm. Add existing parking pressures, it’s understandable why neighbors would feel concerned.

The Eastsider LA article quotes neighbor Susan Borden, a long-time resident and activist, as saying:

This is the first step in turning our neighborhood from a residential one into a commercial one.  When he moved in three years ago Marc Galucci (FIX owner) could see that this is a residential not a commercial neighborhood.  He wants to change it.  All along Echo Park Avenue businesses will try to get alcohol licenses and bring the club-goers up from Sunset.  Some people will enjoy that—they are [usually] the ones who are not adjacent to the businesses and don’t have to deal with the noise and trash. Most of us like the non-commercial nature of our canyon.

And this is a major concern for neighbors – that even if Fix respects the neighborhood, keeps things quiet, the beer/wine license might open the door for even later hours and entertainments licenses (either by current owners or future owners) at that location and in the area that is unwelcome by some neighbors. Rumor mill has it that more restaurants and businesses serving alcohol will start popping up along Echo Park Avenue, so this just might be the start of it.

Owner Marc Galucci is hoping to listen and respond to such concerns at the meeting on Wednesday, and, as he said in a response to Susan on The Eastsider LA article, “I am sincerely trying to be empathetic to our neighbors but unfortunately, as you know, you can’t make everyone happy but I will always continue to try.”

While we do look forward to grabbing a beer and perhaps dinner on the lovely patio at Fix, we aren’t the neighbors who will be directly affected by this change.

Do you think Fix will be granted its beer and wine license by the city? Would you support the business if they serve beer, wine and dinner?

And, more importantly, do you see Echo Park Avenue as benefiting from bars and restaurants, or should it remain a quieter hub for schools and residences?

Click here to read the full Eastsider LA article and the letters from Susan and Marc.