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At the FYF Fest over the weekend, surrounded by so many dang hipsters you wonder where the heck they all came from (Austin?), we found  a little bit of Echo Park amongst the vendors. It was great to see Echo Park businesses at the fest, including Origami Vinyl (with a giant booth!), Backside Echo Park, Blood is the New Black, The Warehouse and The Classroom.

We snapped a few photos of their booths at the fest:

Backside Echo Park

Origami Vinyl

The Warehouse & The Classroom

Blood is the New Black

And lastly, our friends Chromatics had a HUGE crowd

Chromatics performs in the revived Los Globos. Photo by Taylor Kephart

Last Friday night, we made our way a little it outside of Echo Park to the soft opening of the revived Los Globos to see our friends Chromatics and Glass Candy take the stage, becoming quite possibly the first Indie group to perform at the traditionally Latino venue (just read the Yelp reviews, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

The booking by Echo Park Records and a fresh coat of paint on the outside indicated to us all that Los Globos had changed hands – in fact, the owners of El Cid just down the road purchased it just a couple of months ago (not Echo Park entrepreneur Mitchell Frank as we had thought).

But good news for fans of the venue before these changes: the ground floor remains the same, and will continue to host the Salsa and merengue nights Los Globos has traditionally had. But the ground floor was pretty empty (and smoke-filled), bringing up the question asked by LAist: Can hipsters and merengue fans co-exist?

Echo Park Records will continue to book bands as well as manage the venue. Be prepared with some cash at the cash-only bar (there’s an ATM if you forget), and $6 Coronas, $5 valet parking (don’t bother looking for street parking). They’ll continue to make changes to the building, and hopefully install a Las Vegas-sized air conditioner (man it was HOT in there). The grand opening is bound to be grand!

We’re excited for a just-announced FYF Fest pre-show to take place just a night before the start of the hipster festival – on Friday, September 2 our friends Glass Candy and Chromatics will take the stage at Silver Lake night club Los Globos. DJs GODDOLLARS, Chris Cruse and Doctor Golden are also included on the bill.

Now, this brings a question to mind – why Los Globos? This is not a venue I see FYF Fest scoping out, in fact, just perusing the Yelp reviews (and knowing the venue’s reputation) this is a salsa and merengue venue, not exactly the indie type.

Perhaps this is the new work of entrepreneur and Echo Park resident Mitchell Frank (the Echo, Echoplex, El Prado, etc.) – whose split with partners at Spaceland opened up the search for a new venture in this part of LA. And although there are no official confirmations of new ownership yet, there is a rumor of new owners and some renovations made to the interior. We’ll have to check it out on Friday night at the show!

Tickets are $10 advance, $12 at the door. Click here to purchase ahead of time, and here for the event info.

Los Globos is located at 3040 W Sunset Blvd.