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We ran an article late last week announcing the closure of 24-year-old Echo Park/HiFi club Dinner House M. Today, the LA Times reports the closure is due to one of two (or maybe both?) factors: A revoked liquor license, and/or increased and unaffordable rent.

Apparently, the liquor license issue revolves around multiple citations for serving after 2:00 am. Sgt. Fernando Garcia of the Rampart Division told the LA Times: “It was well known as an after-hours club. They had their license revoked, they appealed, and they lost the appeal.”

However owner Miki Saito denies the license is being revoked, and told the LA Times that a rent increase is the issue.

Either way, the final send-off (with a four-piece jazz band and Miki at the mic) is next week on Wednesday, June 8.

Flickr photo via mikeywally

A long-time Echo Park/Historic Filipino Town establishment has just recently announced it will be closing it’s doors in June after 24 years of service to our neighborhood. If you’re a late-night kind of person, you’d be here (and I mean LATE) amongst a mixed crowd of hipsters and long-time neighbors for jazz and well-known DJs. Know the bartender and you might be able to stay after they “turn off the lights.”

Founded in April of 1987 by jazz singer Miki Saito and her sister Maya, it’s not necessarily an attractive frontage (shady renters peering at you through curtains of the Knights Inn, and some unwelcoming patio furniture probably as old as the establishment out front), but inside is some surprisingly attractive 80’s decor you’ll enjoy as you sip an $8 cocktail from a plastic cup. It’s those little details you’ll probably miss a little, so make sure to get in some good times before the doors close.

Closing party is on June 8, check out the Dinner House M website for more details.

h/t LA Times Daily Dish

6350654.jpgDinner House M
Also known as M bar by many residents.
1263 W Temple Street

Monday – Sunday 8:00 pm – 2:00 am

Young folk, check out Grown club night every Wednesday. See more events on their calendar. They offer a full bar.

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Ok this is just outside of Echo Park but many residents could still walk here so I’m going to give it a mention. If you are looking for something new this Wednesday you might be interested in a party at Dinner House M. The website for the Japanese Pub doesn’t say much but you can read their yelp reviews. The place doesn’t seem recession friendly ($$$$ on yelp) but if you like your parties to go after hours this spot may interest you. This is going to be an ongoing party every Wednesday so if you go please leave some comments here to let other locals know whether to play or pass on this one.