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Earlier this month, the City of Los Angeles ordered 439 medical marijuana dispensaries to close by June 7, and it looks like all of those facilities in Echo Park are amongst those. According to the LA Times, the following Echo Park dispensaries may disappear in the next couple of weeks:

Divine Healing, A Nonprofit Corporation: 2501 W. Sunset Bl
Green Mile Medical Herbs: 2501 Sunset Bl, #D
Holistic Care Collective: 1302 W. Sunset Bl 90026
Innovative Health Care Collective Inc.: 3515 Sunset Bl
Natural Choice Healing Center Inc.: 2811 W. Sunset Blvd.
Sunset Discount Providers: 1498 Sunset Bl
Sunset Organic Center: 2210 Sunset Bl
Temple Herbal Collective: 2530 Temple St
The Alternate Root: 1547 Sunset Bl
West Coast Collective Inc.: 1284 W. Sunset Bl

(Click here for the PDF source of the above addresses)

LA Times map dispensaries closing down

Read the full LA Times article here, and check out the full interactive map here (there seem to be a couple of discrepancies with some addresses, so pay close attention).