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Do you have a neighbor with dogs who just lost their job? Perhaps you’re familiar with a homeless person with dogs on your way to work? There are a lot of needy people who have pets that are also in need, and Blue Collar in Echo Park is here to help out those who are experiencing true financial hardship by providing a tw0-week supply of nutritious dog food.

They have a limited supply of food, so it’s a first come, first serve basis. They’ve been running the program for four months now, and do have people who are in need coming in for the food. There are no forms to fill out or proof of hardship needed, but the store wants you to know it wants to help those who truly need it, so if you know that your neighbor might need some help feeding their dog, this is the place to go!

Blue Collar also has a new round of basic obedience classes starting up on Sunday, August 15 at 3:00 pm. The course is six weeks and costs $150, all you need is $50 to hold your spot! To learn more about this course, click here.

BUT if you or someone you know has a dog with some SERIOUS behavioral problem and you can’t afford any training, talk to Blue Collar. They will help those in need to get a trainer to work with you for free, as long as you’re 100% committed to doing what the trainer advices.

Blue Collar is located at 1533 Echo Park Avenue.