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As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, Curbed LA reignited the “Eastside” debate and decided to refer to everything east of Western and west of the Los Angeles River as something other than the “Eastside.” Well, they put it to an online vote, and here are the results:

Curbed LA votes tallied

Missing from the vote was the option to keep it the Eastside, or a “none of the above” option. A few readers on the original Curbed LA post did bring this up, one commenter writing, “I thought it was called ‘The Eastside’ while East LA was … well east of the LA River…”

Frankly, none of those names seem appealing nor will it settle any debate (Middle Earth?). However, Curbed LA seems to be following through as a recent post announces that “North Central is both geographically and culturally descriptive” for the area. So it seems from now on, Curbed LA will be referring to Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, etc. as “North Central,” but don’t expect others to follow (The Eastsider LA renamed “North Central LA”? I don’t think so!). We’ll see how long it sticks for Curbed LA.