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A press release yesterday unveiled Dodger Stadium’s new menu items you’ll be able to get all season, starting with the home opener on Tuesday, April 13. Some of the new items are enormous in size, and another even has a Facebook page calling for its return.

The new enormous pretzel, photo via LAist

Menu highlights include:

  • My Town Nights: features ethnic foods that represent the diversity of “Dodgertown,” such as Pabellon Criollo for a Venezuela night on May 23, and Spicy Korean-style BBQ chicken and kimchee for Korea night on August 18. There are more than 40 dates this season for My Town, so click here for a list of menu items.
  • The Victory Knot: This all-American gigantic snack first caught our eye on a related article published on LAist (see photo), and is supposed to be enough for FOUR people. Two pounds of dough, topped with sea salt, and three dipping sauces (chipotle honey mustard, sweet cinnamon crème, and beer cheese) accompany the monstrosity, which you can only buy at Campy’s Corner on the Field Level. No word on how much this puppy will set you back ($20 plus gym membership maybe?), be sure to let us know if you have some field tickets.
  • The Spicy Picante Dog: a somewhat popular Facebook fan page (with 58 members) may have something to do with the return of this Dodger favorite, which had disappeared from the menu last season.
  • The usual California Pizza Kitchen, Dippin’ Dots, and all the other tempting treats will be available on the Field and Reserve levels.
  • Kaiser Permanente Healthy Plate Carts will also be there to offer healthier alternatives like salads and fruit plates.
  • Bleacher Beach will now be open Friday through Sunday.
  • Mannywood will now have “five t-shirt options.”
  • All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion price will decrease $5 if you purchase tickets in advance.

Click here for the full press release.