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While we’re pretty used to the Echo Park stereotypes by now, it’s still funny to read these breakdowns on how to spot an Echo Park hipster. And while I have been known to wear torn jeans and attend The Echo on occasion, I don’t necessarily subscribe to any specific “look.” Like my style, don’t take the following article too seriously.

LA Weekly takes a stab at the Echo Park “look” in an article titled, Six L.A. Neighborhoods With the Most Distinctive Fashion Styles. The purpose:

Why do we always see the same aviator shades on guys driving SUVs in Glendale or clusters of cupcake tattoos on pink-haired Culver City art tarts, for example? Is it the tipping-point effect? A subconscious monkey-see, monkey-do thing? And how does it evolve within certain places?

Here, we present some of these familiar neighborhood looks. Yes, some are stereotyped composites, but we’ve included a peppering of emerging trends that are moving these looks to new places.

On to our neighborhood stereotype, deemed the Echo Park Shagster (what happened to hipster?):

Uniform: Beards are for bears (big boys), but shadows and fuzz imply “I don’t care” best; retro-referencing T-shirts and tops in surfer, skateboarder or preppy style (Op, LaCoste shirts); pants cut off into Bermuda shorts; vintage white belt; street-beat black Chuck Taylor shoes; Ray-Bans with lenses punched out; script tattoo featuring words to favorite song or inspirational motto; beanie to cover up the greasy grow-out

Shops at: Origami Vinyl, Rose Bowl Flea Market, Salvation Army, legal marijuana dispensary

Hangs at: The Echo, Cha Cha Lounge, the Gold Room, Taix, Chango

Listens to/watches: Every band on the FYF Fest bill

Trending: Carry-alls of all kinds, from fanny packs (for the weed) to big manbags (to carry records or laptop for that DJ gig)

Fashion philosophy: Too cool to shampoo

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