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The Echo Park Film Center kicks off its Filmmobile Summer Screening Series on Friday with a silent film tribute to Mack Sennett in honor of the 100th anniversary of Keystone Studios. The Studios, which was located where the Thriftee Storage is now on Glendale Boulevard and in what was then called Edendale, was the first silent film studio in Los Angeles. The Filmmobile will project a total of six silent films throughout the summer, so what better way to kick it off than at the actual location?

Tomorrow nights “A Solute to Sennett” includes special guest Brent E. Walker, author of Mack Sennett’s Fun Factory, and features The Hollywood Kid, Mabel’s Dramatic Career and Edendale Follies. The screening starts at 8:00 pm at 1710 Glendale Boulevard (across the street from the Jack in the Box). Food, free, and open to all!


The Echo Park Film Center has posted a series of photos on its blog of the many audiences of the center’s film screenings going back almost a year and a half. Audiences range from just a couple of people to a packed room, some cradling a glass of what appears to be wine (err I mean, grape juice), others making some funny faces and poses. More photos after the jump at at the Echo Park Film Center Blog.

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