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The streets of Echo Park on Baxter are infamous for being some of the steepest outside of San Francisco, but nobody told this limo driver.

Today the limo awaits a tow truck after being stuck at the apex of Baxter Street, which isn’t uncommon for this corner – a school bus attempted the climb a couple of years ago, and we’re sure there are more undocumented attempts.

Echo Park Now has a new look!

The website well over two years old now – that’s right, TWO years (the concept… much older). It’s been a labor of love, and we just needed to update our look and the programming a little bit.

As with all changes, there may be a few bugs – so do let us know if you catch any glitches that may happen with the updates.

More importantly… it looks pretty darn good, right? A very big thank you to our buddy and programming guru Sean of Atwater Village design studio Zbra Designs (also my day job) for all his efforts getting this off the ground.

And we’ll take this opportunity to remind any newcomers that this is a volunteer website run by residents who are deeply in love with and committed to the community of Echo Park. We don’t publish ads (not yet anyways…) nor are we sponsored by any of the businesses or organizations we write about. If we are affiliated with any events or organizations, we’ll let you know!

See you out there!

Perhaps you’ve noticed things have been a little quiet here on Echo Park Now lately – well have no fear! I’ll be returning later this week, after we’re finished with our honeymoon in Maui! So if you’ve maybe submitted some info to us recently, or sent us an email, I haven’t been ignoring you.


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Echo Park Now! We have also surpassed 600 posts since that first one on June 27, 2009.

Thank you to our readers!

We’d like to give a hearty thanks to everyone out there who read and respond to our posts.Your comments are very important to us and are a very integral part of our dialog regarding all the activities in the neighborhood. We couldn’t do that without your comments, tips, and questions.

We do the best we can to provide you with as much accurate information as possible, but sometimes we may forget or overlook some things (we are a small group of volunteers living in Echo Park, so we don’t get paid or sponsored). We encourage you, our wonderful readers, to comment on our articles, and share information about what’s going on in Echo Park! We would also love for you to participate in other ways – if you are interested in being a guest blogger, please email us.

The past year we have really worked hard to develop Echo Park Now as a source for residents to know what’s going on from a youthful and multifaceted perspective – we’ve written about Echo Park history and community activism, as well as information about music, events, businesses, non-profits, traffic, and even the occasional rumor.

We decided to call the website Echo Park Now – the word “Now” being not just about expediency, but also about engaging residents in all things Echo Park, and getting us all involved in the many unique facets of this community. That’s why, in addition to the website, we have personally taken time to volunteer and be a part of the community in many other way. We encourage you to as well – our Community Resources section contains information about volunteer opportunities, and ways to get involved in local government and community activism.

And as always, we are on Twitter constantly sharing small-item news and comments (our Twitter feed is always displayed on the right of the articles pages).

We’d also like to give a special shout-out to everyone else working hard to keep you updated about what’s going on in Echo Park:

(You can also see all related sites here)

Thank you again, everyone, and we look forward to another wonderful year!