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An NPR blog post published yesterday calls attention to this cool music video complete with some stylish underwater shots. The location for those shots? Our very own Echo Park Pool!

The video is for the Los Angeles-based group Warpaint. Director Ted Newsome told NPR, “We all agreed that the surface world would be void of color and unstable and underwater would be vibrant, dreamy and fluid. A few days later, we shot for three days straight, and the video was in the can…. The dreamy water world was obviously the hardest part of the video, and there’s a behind-the-scenes video to prove it.”

Newsome, by the way, is one of the founders of 2HeadedHorse, which has a building on Glendale Boulevard in Echo Park. Hopefully the behind-the-scenes video from him will come out soon!

Check out the video below!



Tweetphoto via brookiescookies

Just when the heat is starting to get to us all, it looks like the Echo Park Pool is closed for at least today. The message phone (and the sign pictured above) says the pool is closed for safety reasons – the pool pump and filtration system is broken, and the water is so cloudy they can’t see the bottom of the deep part of the pool. No word on when the pool will reopen, but definitely not today.

Call the pool phone at (213) 481-2640 before you go to the pool this weekend and make sure it’s open!