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This week, Daily Candy recommended a couple of hot spots in Echo Park to take your sweetie to – El Prado and Taco Zone. While I’ve never been to a Taco Truck for a first or second date (and I’m not the adventurous type when it comes to eating cow mouth parts), you might have a different experience. Where do you go date night in Echo Park?

I stopped by El Prado last night to grab two rounds after work. I’ve been a long time fan of microbrews and Belgian-style ales and it’s such a treasure to have a bar so close to my house that serves these style of beers. I had the Allagash Tripple.

When I was there I noticed that the room was split, almost equally, into wine & beer drinkers. It’s just that type of place. Being a fan of mid-week bar time, this is a great night at El Prado. Tuesday night’s are also Record Club Night, which is hosted by Origami Vinyl. Details for the night can be found on Origami’s blogsite.

All and all, fun times.

El Prado is located at 1805 W. Sunset Boulevard, (213) 484-6079