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Flickr photo via Non Paratus

This year was almost the first time since the project started a few years ago that the Elysian Park snowmen would not decorate the park’s entrances. But thanks to a few ambitious volunteers, the park might just have these happy recycled tumbleweed decorations after all!

The problem with installing the snowmen was due to, you guessed it, cutbacks. Put together by the Recreation and Parks staff, they face a 15% budget cut leaving them no time to put together the holiday decorations.

Last year we noticed the financial cut backs when the corner of Scott and Stadium Way (on our way home) went without its usual snowmen. Hopefully the volunteers will help bring a little cheer back to that corner as well!

Volunteers are meeting on Friday, December 10 at 10:00 am at the Elysian Park maintenance yard (between the Police Academy and Solano Canyon). They have already started collecting tumbleweeds and will teach volunteers how to make them. Just bring gloves and clippers, and wear long sleeves!

Maybe if you learn how to make these you’ll be able to have some inexpensive and recycled decorations for your own yard!