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echo park now logoAnnouncement!

Do you subscribe to Echo Park Now via our email service? If you do, I’d like to inform you of a small change to the schedule. Instead of receiving the email between 7am and 9am with all the prior days posts, emails will now be sent out between 5pm and 7pm with all the current days posts (plus anything posted after the previous day’s email went out).

I hope this change will make the emails more current and useful. Why wait for tomorrow to read today’s news?

If you don’t like this change, feel free to comment in this post. If majority rule wants to return to the old time slot we will do that!

Wait, I can read EPN in my email? Yes! If you would like Echo Park Now delivered daily to your inbox, you can subscribe below. Emails are sent once a day with all the posts from the previous 24 hours. When you sign up you will receive an email containing a link to active your subscription. You will not start receiving emails until you click on that link. You can cancel your subscription at any time by scrolling to the bottom of any daily email and selecting the unsubscribe now link. How risk free is that! Don’t worry, we won’t share your email address. If email is not your thing, you can subscribe to EPN using any standard blog reader. Just click here!

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