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You may have heard already that pretty soon, the Echo Curio will be closing down for good. The owners posted the following on the Echo Curio blog just a couple of days ago:

Echo Curio has become my life for the past three years… and it has been the life of Justin, Tim and Heather for longer… I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to continue their eclectic egalitarian experiment and i couldn’t have imagined the response we got from you kind people.

It is with a heavy heart and a tired soul that I and Justin say good-bye to the long nights, endless emails, constant phone calls, neverending conversations and non-stop tap dancing around egos and feelings… We are now ready to have our days and nights back for awhile and to adjust our approach.

But don’t worry, tonight will be the free opening reception for a new exhibit called “Picture Con Secuencia: A Show of Exquisite Corpses.” The exhibit will go through November 29th.

The opening is free, tonight (Friday, November 12th) and starts at 8:00 pm.

DJ sets from KXLU DJ Molly

Featuring a (not so) silent auction to benefit Echo Curio

Missed Connections cassette presented by No Girls Allowed Records

Featuring music by the following artists (and members of): Moses Campbell, XBXRX, kit, No Babies. Charlyne Yi, Michael Nhat, Magick Orchids, Lola Loshkey, Big Whup, Pizza!, Heller Keller, Sugar Frosted Light Bulbs, Tusk, Peter Pants and more!

New video and animation collaborations from: walt!, Eri Hawkins, Sean Solomon, Chloe Mandel, Steven Sanchez, champoyhate, Sam Yurick, Joan Zamora, Andrew Lush, Dave Sirus, Jordan Santos, Joe Holliday, Michael Reyder, Julie Orlick, Rachel Cole, Craig Miller, Anthony Anzalone, Steven Andrew Garcia, Carla Orendorff, Vim Crony, Lillie West, Austin Wolf-Sothern