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This is a really cute commercial/advertisement featuring the Fallen Fruit guys on their search for public fruit in Echo Park. Though not all of the shots are Echo Park itself, you can see them building the map of Fallen Fruit in Echo Park using social media and other technologies, specifically this “Samsung Galaxy Tab” device and what looks to be similar to the iPad.

While we haven’t find the Echo Park map on the Echo Park map on the Fallen Fruit website yet, we’re sure it will pop up soon. Based on an old map it had a while back (click here to view that map) we started a while back creating a map of our own. Some items may be outdated, and we are slowly building more of the map, but that’s why you’re going to let us know if we’ve missed anything using the comments field below.

View Echo Park Fallen Fruit Trees in a larger map

We found this video on the Huffington Post, called the “Edible Landscape of Los Angeles.” Click here for the article or check out the video below to watch:

While the video above might take place in nearby Silver Lake, there is a LOT of fallen fruit in Echo Park to explore.

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