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Learn how to save a dog’s life by getting certified in Dog First Aid by the American Red Cross at Blue Collar Supplies in Echo Park.

The event takes place on Sunday, July 11th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Cost is $55 (includes course fee, Red Cross Dog First Aid manual, DVD and certificate)

The training is three hours long, and provides hands-on training for emergency care procedures as well as the certification in Canine First Aid. You’ll learn how to:

  • Administer CPR & rescue breathing
  • Identify a normal heart and pulse rate, breathing rate and body temp.
  • Safely handle an ill or injured dog.
  • Safely muzzle a dog.
  • Identify life threatening warning signs and symptoms.
  • Care for a dog who cannot breath or is in shock.
  • Provide basic wound and trauma care and control bleeding.
  • Care for a dog with a muscle, bone or joint injury.
  • Care for a dog involved in a car accident.
  • Care for a dog with sudden illness.
  • Care for a dog who has been bitten by another dog or animal.
  • Care for a dog who has been bitten by a snake.
  • Care for a dog who has been poisoned.
  • Care for a dog with a gunshot wound.
  • Care for a dog who is over-heating
  • Care for a dog who is suffering from hypothermia or frost bite.
  • Properly use the items in a dog first aid/emergency supply kit.
  • Prepare for your dog in the event of disaster or evacuation.
  • Help any dog in the event of an emergency!

Don’t bring your dog! Dog mannequins will be provided for demonstration.

RSVP my emailing Bluecollar.Seminars@gmail.com or on the Facebook event page.

Click here for the full email and event information.

Blue Collar Supplies is located at 1533 Echo Park Blvd.

Blue Collar Supplies also as another round of dog training courses coming up: Starting July 18, basic obedience class begins at 4:30 pm and will meet every week for the next six consecutive Sundays. Click here for more info on the training.