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Last week we noticed a splurge of articles circulating the Internets about food – but not just any food, Echo Park food! Makes me hungry just reading about it. Here are some excerpts from the LA Weekly and the LA Times blog articles that caught our eye:

30 Scoops in 30 Days: Kind Kreme (Day 10)

By Elina Shatkin, June 14, 2011 – LA Weekly

The local mini-chain has three locations: Studio City, Pasadena and Echo Park, where it shares space with Sage Vegan Bistro, in the former home of ill-fated Mooi, a raw vegan restaurant known mostly for its tiny portions, expensive prices and piss-poor service. The Dr. Seuss decor and bad attitudes are gone. In its place is a friendly café that seems to be bustling with life. Like most newfangled Echo Park eateries, it’s filled with skulking hipster cliches: skinny genes in skinny jeans, un/ironic 1980s fashions and asymmetrical haircuts. But the staff at Kind Kreme wants to make sure you to enjoy their ice cream, whether or not you’re a vegan.

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Billie Stone of Sothrifticated.com

An Echo Park resident, Billie Strong’s blog has some pretty incredible recipes and cooking tips and tricks. This is one of quite a few Echo Parkian blogs we subscribe to, and are looking forward to trying out her latest recipe – panko crusted fish. Yumm!

Recently, the LA Times also ranked her California Turkey Burger recipe in the top 20 burgers in “Battle of the Burgers.” You can try it at the LA Times Test Kitchen, and winners will be featured in the 4th of July Food Section.


Jambon beurre sandwich

June 14, 2011 – LA Times Blog

Lately, I’ve been making a pit stop at Cookbook in Echo Park for baguettes (some of the best in town). One Sunday I got there early (it opens at 8 a.m.), and the woman behind the counter was making up what looked very like a jambon beurre. “Yes, it is,” she said. But made on the most slender ficelle (super-skinny baguette).

Cookbook's Jambon beurre sandwich / LA Times

On Monday, I picked up a sandwich for lunch. The ficelle is wonderful, slathered with sweet butter and enclosing a single slice of prosciutto. Perfect if you’re headed for a hike in Elysian Park.

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And speaking of Cookbook, the food boutique/grocer just started summer programs (from food to painting and floral design) this month at the store. Check out the schedule below:

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1911 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026-3288
(213) 484-1265

Monday-Thursday: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Friday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 9:00pm

Make a reservation online.

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$5 Wicked Wednesdays has officially arrived to AYC! Everything on the food menu on Wednesday nights is just $5. Such delicious items include: Braised short ribs, Pork belly, Artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches, Fried feta with marinated tomatoes, Duck confit on goat cheese crisps, Ginger & lemongrass chicken skewers, and more!

Think that sounds yummy? In addition to their new $5 Wednesdays, they’ll also be expanding their brunch menu. From the owners:

“Allston Yacht Club is also introducing an expanded Sunday brunch menu with new additions such as brioche French toast, waffles, create-your-own omelettes, tofu scramble, and of course, the usual AYC brunch suspects such as duck confit hash, house-cured Gravlax and Croque Monsieur. Also new: French-Vietnamese drip-coffee served in a traditional metal filter with condensed milk & tangerine mimosas, along with AYC’s house special cocktails such as  bacon-infused Bloody Mary and the Ramos Fizz (gin, egg white & orange blossom water).”

See you there!

Allston Yacht Club is located at 1320 Echo Park Avenue.

Check out their website for a full menu and to make a reservation, or call (213) 481-0454

Fallen Fruit Map

Fallen Fruit Map

The folks at Fallen Fruit want us to know that you don’t always have to pay for your produce. There is a bevy of edible goodies just waiting to be harvested right here in Echo Park. So here is the deal: fruit from trees that are on public land or on branches that hang over public spaces are fair game! Home owners generally seem pretty happy to share as one tree can produce way too much fruit for one home. This way you eat fruit that may have otherwise have gone bad and save yourself a little coin. After all, times are tough. You have to make that lemonade with something.

Here is what their website says about the project:

“Public Fruit” is the concept behind the Fallen Fruit, an activist art project which started as a mapping of all the public fruit in our neighborhood. We ask all of you to contribute your maps so they expand to cover the United States and then the world. We encourage everyone to harvest, plant and sample public fruit, which is what we call all fruit on or overhanging public spaces such as sidewalks, streets or parking lots.

We believe fruit is a resource that should be commonly shared, like shells from the beach or mushrooms from the forest. Fallen Fruit has moved from mapping to planning fruit parks in under-utilized areas. Our goal is to get people thinking about the life and vitality of our neighborhoods and to consider how we can change the dynamic of our cities and common values.

-Fallen Fruit is David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young

Visit Fallen Fruit for more info and fruit maps.


We have also created an interactive fruit map based on the above image, click here to view!