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This ridiculously cute pup was saved from the animal shelter that was planning to euthanize her a couple of weeks ago. She made it to a foster home, but needs to find another foster or (preferably) a permanent home. Here are the details about this cutie pie:

She’s smart and very energetic. She has learned how to sit, stay, lay down, and release (which is great at feeding time.) She also knows how to fetch and ‘drop.’ She’s around a year old and needs to go out for lots of potties so having a big yard and another dog to play with is a plus. She loves long walks, runs and hiking at Runyan Canyon. We’d love to meet you to see if you’re a good fit for this sweet, affectionate puppy. Please contact Gina at 323-514-7282 or gkowerko@gmail.com.

Please help find him a home!


There have been a quite few dogs needing good homes posted on the Echo Park / Elysian Neighborhood Councils Forum as of late. This little guy may end up in the pound if the woman who found him can’t find a new home or at least temporary foster care (due to her landlord’s request to get rid of the dog somehow).He is not fixed or chipped, but is healthy.