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GOOD magazine and EPIP LA (Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy) are holding a competition of sorts for $2,500 to go to a deserving community project. Any project or organization that is “good for our city” and needed funding submitted their ideas to the website, and the winner determined by the number of public votes received. Applications were accepted up until August 24, and there are only seven days left to vote!

Lucky for you, there are two well-deserving Echo Park projects on the ballot for the funding – Peace in the Garden, submitted by the Echo Park Time Bank, and Echo Park Public Displays of Art, a local art walk/community event/neighborhood cleanup.

Peace in the Garden is sponsored by the Echo Park Time Bank and the Micheltorena School Community Garden, a partnership aimed at “peacemaking program for elementary school kids to learn non-violent communication and conflict resolution.” They’ll accomplish this by hiring a conflict resolution instructor for the school. Additionally, the funds will purchase a “buddy bench,” sashes for Peacemaker participants, and copies of the book Jadyn and the Magic Bubble: I Met Gandhi. Click here to vote!

The Echo Park WedPDA project will fund the one-day event where Echo Park becomes a “fun, playful and engaging artistic landscape to connect and celebrate COMMUNITY!” The funds would support artists and participating attendees for supplies, sidewalk chalk, etc., the costs of permits/insurance, design and printing costs for all the advertising/marketing, volunteer costs (water, t-shirts, snacks) and the neighborhood clean up. Click here to vote!

Now there are a total of 47 great ideas, but you have until Wednesday, September 7 by midnight to vote! You can only vote once, so make it count!

Tomorrow (Sunday, June 5, 2011), Echo Park resident Katherine Gladwin will embark on a seven-day, 545 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The ride is in support of AIDS/LifeCycle, where participants raise money to help support the organization that provides HIV testing and treatment.

The timing for this event is perfect and purposeful: The start of the fund raising/informational tour on Sunday marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV/AIDs. Also, June is national LGBT month, and Los Angeles is kicking off the first ever LGBT Heritage month.

Katherine works at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center doing HIV testing and counseling, so it’s a very important cause for her. “I’ve been working in the field of HIV Prevention for over a year and I’ve been an avid cyclist for 7+ years now, so doing this ride is an awesome opportunity to raise life-saving money while doing something I love,” she says on her AIDS/LifeCycle profile page.

The ride ends in Santa Monica on June 11 for the closing ceremonies.

You can donate to our fellow Echo Park resident’s cause by clicking here. Also check out her fundraising video sent to us by director Car Nazzal. Notice all the great Echo Park shots!


The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting is gearing up to announce a new name at the 10 year anniversary and fund raising event this weekend at the Rec Center Studios in Echo Park.

The Center, now called The Echo Center, opened up 10 years ago in Echo Park to help teach nonviolence to parents, children, and families. They’ve become a pioneering, leading institution in the Nonviolence Movement encouraging parents and professionals to establish/generate/create a world in which all children are raised free from physical and emotional harm. From their website, their philosophy is as follows:

Nonviolent parenting offers an optimal relationship and the conditions in which children can thrive and grow into healthy adults. By building a tight emotional bond of understanding, nurturing, support, trust, warmth and compassion, a child reaches a high level of emotional development. The tools of nonviolent parenting respect the science of early brain development and are grounded in the knowledge that to raise healthy children, adults must be in relationship with children through the giving of unconditional connection. Respecting the science of brain development fosters a deep respect of the life force of all living creatures. It teaches connection and support between adults and children in the most profound way possible.

You might also know The Echo Center as running the annual Festival of Childhood in Echo Park.

Tomorrow night, Saturday, October 2, is the fundraiser at the Rec Center Studios from 6:00 pm – midnight. Actor Adam Scott (“Party Down” and “Parks and Recreation”) will be attending (commence starry eyes!) to help support the cause.

Highlights of the event include: silent and live auctions, dancing, live circus acts, sparkling cocktails and delicious cuisine prepared by private chefs. Inside the VIP Lounge, special guests will be entertained by magician Dave Cox, Photo Fund Celebrity Portrait Studio, Violeta Meyners Make Up Artistry, and receive exclusive VIP goody bags.

Tickets range from $60 all the way up to $1,000, but you can always donate at any time. It looks like you can still purchase those tickets, so get on it! Click here to purchase tickets.

RecCenter Studio, in the Historic Jensen Building, is located at 1161 Logan Street

Learn more about The Echo Center at www.theechocenter.org