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Flickr photo via Earth911.com

Flickr photo via Earth911.com

Find yourself with too many reusable bags in the cupboard? Perhaps you overdid the free bag give-aways at the last tradeshow? Maybe you just don’t need all 50 of those bags, and they’re cluttering up your space?

Echo Park resident Beth Zeigler (she’s the uber organizer who runs the local Bneato) has been collecting your extra reusable bags for a couple of months now at local drop-off points in Echo Park, Atwater Village, and Silver Lake. She plans on reusing the reusables by redistributing them (say that 10 times fast) for free on Saturday afternoon.

The idea being that people who just can’t afford to buy them, or maybe haven’t thought about using them, will have the opportunity to get free bags. “While many folks take reusable bags with them to shop at my local Vons and Trader Joe’s, I’d love to see more people getting excited about using them,” Beth said in a press release. And she’s got a TON of them to give out.

I’m pretty good about using them at the Farmers Market and even a clothing store, but perhaps Beth can convince the hubby to start carrying them?

Reusable bag collection drive: Bags for Bneato
Vons in Echo Park and Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake
Saturday, November 12, 2011
12:00 noon to 4:00 pm
Contact Beth Zeigler at info@bneato.com for more info