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Over the weekend my fiance and I were furiously spring cleaning when we found “the pile” – 8 years of cells phones, old laptop computers, and a slew of broken plugs and batteries (some of which had the marks of our chew-happy kitty).

Not wanting to contribute any more than I already am to the growing landfills, I’d been hanging on to them hoping for another Los Angeles area e-waste collection date to pop up. Yet they are few and far between, and I was about to re-package them up for another few month stint in the closet when I did one last Google search… and success!

Not only did I luck out on a collection center, it’s right here in Echo Park. The yellow and black painted Thriftee Storage on Glendale Boulevard is an All Green Electronics Recycling drop-off location. Nevermind its inconvenient driveway (crossing Glendale even on the weekends is a pain, and getting out – forgot it!), it’s worth the trouble.

They accept “anything with a cord,” and have been doing it for only three or four months now. You can drop off the usual – old cell phones, power cords, electronics batteries, VCRs, televisions, computer monitors, etc. I was comfortable getting rid of the old laptops even with the hard drives in tact – they do destroy the hard drives.

Anyways, make sure you don’t contribute to landfill waste and the pollution of our soils and waterways by throwing away all these electronics – check it out for yourself!

Thriftee Storage is located at 1717 Glendale Boulevard. Just drop your things off at the office.

Go to the All Green Electronics Recycling website for more info on what you can recycle.