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Flickr photo via ebogjonson

We were a little worried last August when The Eastsider LA wrote that the local Haitian food restaurant, Ti George’s, wasn’t making much progress in terms of repairs since a fire broke out in the restaurant. But construction did eventually start in late September, and today, Eater LA reported that Ti George’s opened its doors for business on Thursday for the first time since the February 2010 fire.

We are quite happy the restaurant is back up and running – owner George LaGuerre has had that restaurant on Glendale Boulevard for 12 years, and he’s deeply committed to his Haitian roots, hosting a dinner earlier this year to raise money for the Haiti relief efforts after the earthquake.

I am looking forward to FINALLY trying some delicious Ti George’s Chicken!

Ti George’s Chicken is located at 309 N. Glendale Blvd.

(Author’s note: In all honesty, the restaurant isn’t located in the prettiest part of Echo Park, which is probably what makes this place such a great find. I lived right around the corner for a little while but never went out to eat at the time, so I am really looking forward to trying it for the first time. I’m sure you’ll hear about it when I do!)