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Last February, the Hot Knives guys (the ones behind the super awesome Salad Daze cookbook) sold over 100 falafels in just three hours – and it was clear Los Angeles needed more falafels.

Tonight, the late-night falafel popup returns to Elf Café in Echo Park to serve the buzzed and hungry. In case you missed it last year, Hot Knives describes their falafels as the following:

Our falafel balls are crackly crunchity on the outside but moist inside thanks to a fresh handmade batter of chickpeas and chickpea flour studded with fresh parsley, mint and cilantro.

The warm pita and falafel comes with hot sauce, garlic-tahini, homemade smokey hummus, and a tapenade of green olives, turnips and pickles. One sandwich, no options, no seating, totally vegan.

So be sure to head over on the early side, sales start at 9:30 pm and go until 1:00 am – or until sold out. Bring cash, falafels are $5 a pop.

Late night partying hipsters rejoice! Hot Knives bloggers/food lovers (Evan George and Alex Brown) are bringing the delicious street food – the Falafel – to Echo Park!

Elf Café is opening up its Sunset-facing window to service the drunk and hungry on Tuesday, February 28 from 10:00 pm – 2:30 am. The Hot Knives guys call this a “temporary autonomous eating zone,” aka a popup Falafel stand, so who knows how long they’ll be serving up these late-night treats.

There’s only one item on this menu, and it’s a Falafel. It also happens to be vegan! As a fan of the duo’s book Salad Daze, this will sure to win over hipster taste buds from all around.