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It’s a little early to be pulling out the Christmas tree lighting, but it might be a chance to get creative with some… body lighting? And yes we are taking bets on how long until the cops are called. Either way, you might be interested in joining glow-in-the-dark fun on Friday at 9:00 pm.

Here’s the low-down from the Facebook evite page:

That’s right, come dressed in your flashiest colorful gear! Were talking Led lights, EL wire, blinkie hats and glasses, glow sticks, Christmas lights, basically anything that lights up or glows!

Can’t find any lights? That’s OK, Bust out your freshest NEON GEAR! Just wear anything that’s gonna brighten the night. We will be bringing in the colors of spring in style!

BYOB, DJ, and free. Take some (PG-13) pictures for us if anyone gets creative!