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LA Flea Market debuted on Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey, Pasadena, we have a stadium too! And anything you can do we can do… sort of.

Sunday was the first ever Dodgers Stadium flea market, which will be held, barring a Dodgers home game, on the third Sunday of every month. However, if they hope to draw crowds of flea marketers to the parking lot, the organizers need to put a lot more effort into finding decent vendors a month from now. Or they could scrap the flea market and be a food truck party, in which case they would already be winning.

Parking was a breeze, I arrived at about 10:00 am hoping to beat the heat a little bit. The heat won regardless, but such is life when you’re hanging out in a Los Angeles parking lot in the throes of summer. There was a short walk to the ticket booth where I paid my $5 and received my ticket. You could pay with a card and there were the only two ATM machines at the ready, no sign noting these as your last chance for green as these were the last machines I spotted all day.

Not exactly on my list of quality Flea Market finds

Perhaps I have an East Coast bias when it comes to the age of vintage items, or maybe I was spoiled by the Pasadena City College flea market a few weeks ago. When I first walked into the LA Flea Market, I already felt this event was planned around food trucks, Rick Dees, and small business owners. Every fiber of my being routes for the small business to succeed, but today I also had hoped for a true flea market experience.

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LA Flea Marketing Rendering

As we wrote about last May, the LA Flea Market will debut this weekend, on Sunday, July 18 in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, and will take place every third Sunday of the month when there’s not a home Dodger game.

This Sunday is the grand opening and will feature radio personality Rick Dees, who will be holding a Hollywood Yard Sale to benefit the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. He will be auctioning off celebrity items, one auction at 10:00 am and another at 1:00 pm. Throughout the day, you can expect approximately 400 vendors including live bands, food trucks, and sellers with items like vintage goods, antiques and collectibles, sustainable goods, and other new merchandise.

The LA Times published on Tuesday an interview with organizer Phillip Dane, some notable mentions from the interview include:

  • Food and music: The goal is to have a more upscale version of the Rose Bowl Flea Market by offering some extra amenities to the mix. “Bands aren’t just meant to be background music. Our food court will be unsurpassed with 18 of the most tweeted gourmet food trucks,” he told the LA Times. Committed food truck participants include: Ahn-Joo, Cool Haus, Fishlips, Slice Truck, The Munchie Machine, Mandoline Grill, India Jones, Border Grill, Tropical Shave Ice, Del’s Lemonade, Canter’s Deli, Fresh Fries, Willoughby Road, Komodo, Dosa Truck, Crepe’n Around, Gourmet Genie. See below for the band schedule.
  • Arts and crafts will have a presence: “Quite a few vendors came to us through Etsy. They will have a team block of eight spaces with 22 members.”
  • Homeboy Industries will staff the event: “I put together an application for Homeboys on our website, and we had 50 applications in one day. All I did was ask for their name, phone number and for them to tell us about themselves. Some of the stories were so moving. People wrote, ‘I’ve been out of prison but no one will hire me because I have a record or too many tattoos.’ We went down there last Wednesday for interviews and it was fantastic. These are men and women who really want to work. We are going to hire around 40 people to start. They’ll be trained in the logistics of the event, handle parking, directions and greeting the vendors when they arrive early in the morning. I’m also donating booth space to them so they can exhibit their artworks. There will be a whole Homeboy section where they can sell their merchandise and help keep Homeboy going.”

General Information:

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