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The soft opening of LA Pizza Company happened just today! We swung by earlier this evening for a couple of slices, chatted with owner Oscar Arce, and took our warm slices of pizzas over the Sunset Beer Company for a classic dinner of pizza and beer.

Pizza and beer is a natural combination, like wine and cheese, beets and carrots, coffee and sugar (okay, now I’m just reaching). But for crying out loud, it’s Echo Park – and we’ve needed beer and pizza for eons.

Enter: LA Pizza Company, next door to Sunset Beer Company. A match made in heaven – this unexpected love relationship has made beer and pizza now a regular thing for Echo Parkians. For a meager $10 we got four slices of pizza, two cheese and two pepperoni. Took it next door to Sunset Beer (where they even offered us napkins), and enjoyed a Craftsman beer with our pizza slices. Lunchtime at LA Pizza Company will get you two slices (cheese and pepperoni) and a soda.

It’s also important to mention they do have vegetarian and vegan pizza options, which they also offered at their previous Chinatown location. And we think these guys have a perfect mix of Echo Park hipster versus Echo Park old school. Check it out at 1498 W Sunset Boulevard, in the same shopping center as Beauty Box and Sunset Beer Company.