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Echo Park Now reader Javier was having lunch at Red Hill today (lucky you!) when he took found a male Lab mix running around. The dog has no tags or a chip, but looks like such a happy one that there’s got be someone looking for him.

Contact us if you know anything about this pup!

Our neighbor just down the street lost their doggy over the weekend the moment they brought him home after adoption:

We lost one of our dogs to old age a couple weeks ago.

Adopted a new one from the pound, brought him home, before we even got into the house he slipped out of his harness, got under the fence and ran away. I live at Scott and Portia.

Dog has no collar is about 20lbs, brownish red short hair, cross between beagle and labador. Has white and blue bandages on his back feet.

We are worried sick, has microchip.

You can call the number on the flyers (pictured about) or send us an email at info@echoparknow.com and we’ll get you connected if you find the pup.