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Nance Klehm is leading a “wild medicine foraging expedition” in Echo Park on Wednesday, December 9. The expedition focuses on identifying common wild plants that can be used in herbal remedies.

The Machine Project is sponsoring the event, which takes place from 7-8:30 pm on Wednesday. The cost is only $15!

Here’s Nancy’s bio from the Machine Project website:

Nance Klehm is a radical ecologist, designer, urban forager, grower and teacher. Her solo and collaborative work focuses on creating participatory social ecologies in response to a direct experience of a place. She grows and forages much of her own food in a densely urban area. She actively composts food, landscape and human waste. She only uses a flush toilet when no other option is available. She designed and currently manages a large scale, closed-loop vermicompost project at a downtown homeless shelter where cafeteria food waste becomes 4 tons of worm castings a year which in turn is used as the soil that grows food to return to the cafeteria.

More information on Nance can be found at her website, here: http://www.spontaneousvegetation.net/