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Singer Meg Myers has taken on hipsters in Los Angeles in a recent music video for her song “Tennessee.” Armed with a toy gun, she takes to the streets of Silver Lake and Echo Park blasting all the hipsters. A transplant from Tennessee, the song lyrics say it all:

Oh my god
Is that a mustache tattoo on your finger?
I’ve never seen that before
Wait what
You wanna go to Little Joy on your vespa?
I don’t think so
God I miss Tennessee

You’ll recognize some Echo Park spots like the Brite Spot in the music video.

An NPR blog post published yesterday calls attention to this cool music video complete with some stylish underwater shots. The location for those shots? Our very own Echo Park Pool!

The video is for the Los Angeles-based group Warpaint. Director Ted Newsome told NPR, “We all agreed that the surface world would be void of color and unstable and underwater would be vibrant, dreamy and fluid. A few days later, we shot for three days straight, and the video was in the can…. The dreamy water world was obviously the hardest part of the video, and there’s a behind-the-scenes video to prove it.”

Newsome, by the way, is one of the founders of 2HeadedHorse, which has a building on Glendale Boulevard in Echo Park. Hopefully the behind-the-scenes video from him will come out soon!

Check out the video below!



‘Memba all that hubbub in early December when they were filming at the Sunset Bridge on Glendale Blvd. for Avril Lavigne’s music video? Well this was quick – it’s out!

The vintage shop they go into, I believe, is the one on Sunset Blvd. just by the bridge. And then, of course, they move to The Echo!

Just a few months ago, OK Go debuted its video for the song “This Too Shall Pass” filmed in an Echo Park warehouse. The new video for “End Love” is filmed at Echo Park Lake, which I LOVE! In just a few months, the lake will be gated up in preparation for the big rehab project, so this is a nice “ode to Echo Park Lake” for me.

Check it out here: