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The following crime report about Echo Park comes from Captain Bill Murphy of the Northeast Division in an email today:

Echo Park

Had a few property crimes last week (BTFV/Car break-in). This week looks real good – only two BTFVs associated with Dodger Stadium. Pay attention to tow trucks. We have arrested several tow truck drivers who have taken vehicles without having proper paperwork/permission (say from an owner of a parking lot who posts no parking signs). This is a scam as the charge the vehicle owners $300 to get their car back.

Elysian Valley

Very clear since September 12th – no crimes.

Historical Crime Data:

Captain Bill Murphy’s email address is 26152@lapd.lacity.org

Other Northeast Division news:

  • On Saturday October 2, 2010, between 10 am – 2:00 pm, Please come and celebrate the renewal of the neighborhood – free food and entertainment will be provided.
  • On Saturday October 30, 2010, between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, take a tour of the police station and see the many exhibits on display. They will have a “Halloween” theme with a pumpkin patch and a Halloween costume contest (prizes to the winners). The entire event is free so come on down with the kids and enjoy.
  • The Northeast Division will sponsor a carnival in November – date and times TBD. The proceeds from the carnival will support Northeast Youth Programs.

This just came in from the Northeast Division E-Policing Newsletter, and it’s a little scary. Be careful out there!

On September 7th, 2010 at approximately 12:05 AM a street robbery occurred in the Echo Park area. The victim, a female, was walking near Laveta Terrace and Scott Avenue with a male friend. Two suspects appraoched on foot, one armed with a baseball bat. They demanded the victims property then struck the victims friend on the leg with the bat. The victim complied and surrendered her property. The suspects then fled the area by vehicle.

Approximately 50 minutes later near Ames Street and Ben Lomond in the Franklin Hills area, a lone male was walking home when he was approached by two suspects that were armed with baseball bats. The suspects demanded his property. When the victim refused and began to scream for help, he was struck on the head with the bat. The suspects fled on foot.

The suspects are described as being male hispanic, approximately 16 to 20 years of age and wearing dark colored hoodies. In one incident their vehicle was described as a white 4 door sedan, possibly a 1980’s model.

While both crimes occurred miles apart , they have a variety of similarities that have led us to believe that they were committed by the same suspects. The investigations continue, and at this time there is nothing that indicates that the victims were chosen based on sex, descent, race, or sexual preferance. It does appear that the most common factor is the location of each crime and time of day. Both areas were dark with little vehicle or foot traffic. It has not been determined if the incidents are gang related.

Anyone with any information on these two incidents is urged to contact the Northeast Robbery Detectives at ( 213) 485-2566 or after hours, the Northeast Watch Commander at (213) 485-2563. (DR#101119069 and 011119139)

At last night’s Echo Park Improvement Association’s Town Hall meeting, we had a rep from both the Northeast and Rampart Divisions to provide us with an update on crime in the Echo Park area. Some notes worthy of mention are:

  • Officer Hill says the Yankee Game weekend enforcement went well, that they were citing people for public drinking as early as 10:00 am in Elysian Park. Northeast also had a DUI task force in place near stadium exits for drunk drivers.
  • Two significant arrests were made Wednesday in relation to recent burglaries (one on Clifford by the elementary school). Approximately four or five people retrieved their stolen property from that bust.
  • From the Rampart Division, there are no new updates on the robbery at the Higher Path Dispensary last week.
  • July 4th is on Sunday, and we were reminded that fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles. Anyone who has lived in Echo Park during a 4th of July knows the havoc that goes on at the Lake. Officers will be responding to calls if residents notify 311 (or 911 if it’s an emergency) of any illegal activity.
  • Update on the shooting at the Echo a couple of weeks ago: the Rampart officer at the meeting last night says apparently someone had been denied entry into the club, so he came back and shot at a security guard.

And from Captain Bill Murphy, we have some information to share from the Northeast Division E-Policing Newsletter we received yesterday:

National Night Out will take place in Echo Park at the Walgreens on Tuesday, August 3 from 5-8:00 pm. “National Night Out is a fun and informative event with entertainment provided at each site.”

Dodger Night: “On Wednesday July 28, 2010, from 6-9:00 pm at the Dodger Stadium Stadium Club overlooking the right field and first base lines. The Dodgers recently renovation the Stadium Club and it now has an overhang deck with a spectacular view of the ballpark. Everyone is invited to this event and free parking will be provided in lot L. Come hear from your Captains, SLOs, and elected officials regarding the ‘State of Northeast Area.’ Make sure you get there early as last year several hundred people attended this event.”

Neighborhood Crime Update:

Echo Park

Over the last week the crime looks good. Over the past 28 days there are some property crimes occuring along the Sunset corridor mostly from late PM hours through daybreak (a few car break-in and GTAs). We had a bad burglary problem that I spoke about in the last newsletter. This has been cleaned up tremendously with several arrests of burglars over the past four weeks.

Elysian Valley

Very clear over the past week – only a few property crimes over the past 28 days.

You can contact Captain Murphy at 26152@lapd.lacity.org. To sign up for the E-Policing Newsletter, go to lapdonline.org. Then click on E-Policing in the navigation. All you have to do is provide your email address and you’re set!

At last week’s Echo Park Improvement Association meeting, officer Robert Hill provided us with an update from the Northeast Division Police Department. Here are some notes from that update:

  • The Northeast Division made three arrests made last week, including a 19-year-old on Valentine Street and two juveniles breaking into a house. Since those arrests, Officer Hill says there haven’t been any similar break-ins since (as of the meeting date, which was on June 3).
  • Since residents cleaned up the Lucretia stairway on May 15, Officer Hill says there are no more “kids” hanging around anymore.
  • Kids and teenagers have been recently experimenting with these plants called “trumpet flowers,” and two or three students (Hill said three, The Eastsider LA is reporting two) were recently found skipping school and appeared to be under the influence of this poisonous plant (by ingesting the plant, some people believe it has hallucinogenic properties, but is actually quite deadly). The Eastsider LA has the full story here.
  • Car break-ins are still occurring around Dodger stadium, especially on Laveta Terrace.
  • There was a narcotic arrest off of Scott Avenue near Portia, in which first responders were responding to a domestic dispute and drugs were found in the residence.

Here are some of the crimes that have occurred since June 1:

June 1: Two violent robberies, one theft from vehicle

June 2: two thefts from vehicle, three personal/other thefts

June 3: one theft from vehicle, one violent robbery, two aggravated assaults

June 4: four thefts from vehicle, one personal/other theft

June 5: One theft from vehicle, two aggravated assault

June 6: One aggravated, one personal/other theft, two thefts from vehicle, one violent robbery

June 7: Two thefts from vehicles, one aggravated assault, and one property burglary.

June 8: One theft from vehicle

Be safe out there! Keep any “stuff” out of sight in your cars as the usual electronics (iPods, phones, computers) seem to always be the target.

Here’s your Northeast Division Neighborhood Crime Update from Captain Bill Murphy:

Echo Park
We have a burglary trend in this neighborhood between noon to 6 PM. We have detained and/or arrested some suspects over the past week Some of these crimes maybe committed by juveniles and we have tremendously increased truant enforcement in the neighborhoods of Echo Park and Silverlake. One resident attempted to detain a subject (juvenile suspect) and unfortunately, he broke away and took off (please be careful about taking action into your own hands – your life is not worth taking this risk over). We did get a composite of this subject and put it out to all of our police officers.

Note: We did have an incident that occurred yesterday in East Hollywood (will not be in these crime statistics and the suspect is probably not involved in any Echo Park or Silverlake burglaries – but its an amusing story.)

Yesterday a lady came home and when she pulled into her driveway she noticed that her garage door was open and that a man was inside her garage rummaging through her other vehicle parked in the garage. She immediately asked him what he was doing in the garage and he yelled “I am looking for my friend.” Knowing that he was not her friend, she immediately pressed the garage door remote control she had in the vehicle she was driving – and then drove her vehicle up against the garage door to trap the suspect inside. She then calmly phone 9-1-1 and reported the burglary-in-progress as the suspect began to bang on the inside door pleading ” please let me out – I am on parole – I just got out of jail.- I can’t go back” He was immediately arrested and will be heading back to a confining 9 x 12 foot cell. While I do not recommend taking action – this was very quick thinking on the lady’s part which resulted in the suspect’s capture!

And for good measure, here’s the rest of the crime update for the rest of the Northeast area:

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While Silver Lake, Highland Park, and some other neighboring areas are having some recent crime, Echo Park seems to be pretty quiet according to the most recent Northeast newsletter on recent crime events.

According to the email, Echo Park is reported as having “No trends or patterns over the past 28-day period. A few property crimes over the past week.”

The rest of the email reads as follows:

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Starting a 8:00 pm tonight, the Northeast Division will be conducting a sobriety and driver’s license checkpoint at the intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Blvd. The Division’s news release cites “80 driving under the influence-related and 792 hit and run traffic collisions” so far this year in the Northeast area of Los Angeles.

Heavy traffic this evening surrounding Dodger Stadium for the Dodgers’ last home series should make the checkpoint very interesting, and will likely slow down the flow of traffic leaving the stadium later on.

Drive safe everyone!