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Flickr photo by RexSteed

With our first truly warm weekend on the books here in a couple of days, we think it best to enjoy the outdoors of Echo Park with a mimosa in hand. While the places to enjoy outdoor alcohol are fairly limited in Echo Park, here are a few suggestions to maximize your time off from the work week:

The Park Restaurant

Our number one spot this weekend because they just recently expanded their beer and wine license to the cute little patio that greets you upon entering the restaurant. This is a huge bonus for the restaurant, which is probably at least a couple of years old by now and had limited alcohol service to just the inside (we even remember a short stint of BYOB when they first opened!). Mimosas will run you $6 with other very reasonably priced beers and wines on the list.

Bonus: They should be posting their summer menu (all menus change seasonally) on their website any day now!

Lot 1 Cafe

Along with its newly established reputation as an entertainment venue throughout the week and on weekends, Lot 1 Cafe on the corner of Sunset and Laveta Terrace received its beer and wine license in 2010. That license was also intended for a small patio area that wraps around the exterior of the corner building, so that we can all enjoy a glass of something tasty while watching the world go by.

Bonus: They seem to be the best deal in town for mimosas at $4 a glass!


This is a spot for the nightlife. Though they open earlier in the day, the outdoor patio in the back doesn’t open until 7 or 8:00 pm. Still, we remember a night last year when it was 90 degrees outside, and it was nice to have a margarita later at night in the back patio.

Bonus: If you’re on a budget and don’t mind the lower-quality tequila, Wednesday nights are $2.50 margarita nights.

Rodeo Grill

Believe it or not, this is a pretty sweet spot to enjoy the summer air in a covered patio area. I’m pretty certain you can enjoy an adult beverage on their patio – especially since they just recently received their liquor license fairly recently (can you say margaritas?).

Bonus: Do your laundry across the street and grab a beer – you can probably see your delicates washing from the patio.

Honorable Mentions:

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t give a little shout-out to the other patio spots in Echo Park. Just because they don’t serve up alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t chill out:

Masa of Echo Park has a few tables wrapping around the building. They serve beer and wine only inside, but you can get still order from the full menu and bring your pup.

Xoia Vietnamese Eats has a nice covered patio as well, with modern art and woolly pockets it’s a pretty hip place to dine. They don’t serve alcohol at all yet (the restaurant just opened last year), but perhaps this year they’ll be getting that squared away.

Stories Books and Cafe has a nice patio in the back where they’ve hosted many gatherings. While you’re main view is of one of those not-so-pretty parking lots, there are murals and plants and all-around good company. Who knows… they might also benefit from a beer and wine license to serve up along with their super delicious vegan doughnuts.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.