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Today, April 22, marks the first day of the CA Cash for Appliances rebate program. If you buy an eligible appliance during the rebate period, recycle your old appliance with a certified recycler, and fill out the rebate form, you get $200 for refrigerators, $100 for clothes washers, and $50 for air conditioners. If you’re interested in the program, get started soon – it continues through May 23, or until the rebate funds run out. Just about anyone is eligible, just be sure to check out the website for details to make sure you’re one of them.

The LADWP also offers rebates through the Residential Drought Resistant Landscape Incentive Program when you apply online. The rebates will help you get high efficiency clothes washer units, residential drought resistant landscaping, high efficiency toilets, weather-based irrigation controllers, rotating sprinkler nozzles, and synthetic turf. Click here for more information on what the rebate offers.