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Fireworks? Gun shots? Last night some time after 9:00 pm, Echo Park residents were perplexed by loud popping noises that lasted for just a minute or two. Sounding almost like fireworks, residents are still trying to figure out what and where they came from.

Check out the conversation and chime in on the Echo Elysian Neighborhood Council Forum here.

UPDATE: From Alejandra Marroquin, Field Deputy:

Hi Everyone,

I just checked in with Senior Lead Officer Bobby Hill who informed me that he checked with the Detectives today regarding the following story:

“The guy being chased was an Echo Park resident on his way home. The guys in the Suburban followed him from a gas station on Glendale Blvd. The guy driving the Honda hit a car that was parked on Cerro Gordo as he was being chased. He came back later with his father and the police. Don’t know any other details.”

The Detectives communicated to Officer Hill that they have no such report. If there was any evidence of a shooting the Officers at the location would have taken a crime report.

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Alejandra Marroquin, Field Deputy
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